About Us

Online gambling can be a challenging field to navigate without experience. It requires picking the right online casino, finding fun games, and making the best out of available promotions. On top of that, some websites will often have specific terms targeting Canadian players that need to be considered.

When we were starting our iGaming adventure, this information was not widespread. Because of that, we founded topcanadiancasinos – a place where fans of casino games could find information on everything they needed.

Our team focuses on providing high-quality content regardless of your gaming preferences. Slot games, live casinos, payment methods, and casino reviews are all available here.

We pride ourselves as an independent casino review website. We do not sugarcoat our reviews or close our eyes to the casino’s issues. Instead, we check each website in-depth to find you the best possible offer.

Safe and Reliable

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For the topcanadiancasinos team, being a reliable source of information is more than a pride point; it is our business model. We always strive to deliver information about new casinos and games as soon as possible.

However, we never prioritize speed over safety. We update our pages as further information comes to light. Our readers trust us because they know we have their backs.

You do not have to take our word for such matters either. We are transparent in handling our reviews; we outline everything in great detail and explain why we rank some casinos higher. We hold each casino up to the same criteria and expect them to comply with it.

  • Does the casino have a license? If so, which regulator’s license do they offer?
  • Which payment methods are available in that casino, and how safe are they?
  • What game providers are available on that website? How many games can we play there? Are the software providers reliable and reputable?
  • Are there any promotions available to Canadian players? What bonus terms apply to said bonuses?

We put our money where our mouth is for our reviews. We test casinos with real money to ensure we get the same experience you would if you signed up there.

The topcanadiancasinos Canada Team

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This website initially came about as a passion project. We wanted to find the best places to play and recommend them to our fellow casino members.

Despite expanding over the years, the topcanadiancasinos team is still composed of gambling experts, people who love what they do. The passion for providing the best places to play remains in this website’s DNA.

As passionate players, we want the best possible experience when playing just as much as you do. If the best casinos float to the top, we benefit from many exciting places to enjoy our hobby.

In that sense, topcanadiancasinos.org is very much for the players, by the players. Our interests align in finding the best possible places to wager. Recommending bad casinos would not only tarnish our reputation but would also degrade our own gaming experience long-term.

More Information? Contact Us!

Ensuring the best possible experience for our readers requires lots of effort. However, we will not pretend we do not make an occasional mistake. That is why we always make ourselves open to feedback from players!

We love hearing your thoughts on our work or answering questions you might have. We are also happy to work with other brands or companies that are player-focused.

If you wish to get in touch with us, it is as simple as sending a message to [email protected]. We read our e-mails frequently and will respond as fast as we can.