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The online casino industry isn't only one of the fastest-growing industries in modern-day, but it’s also highly competitive. Online you’ll find 100’s of casino bonuses to choose from. We’ve selected some of the top-notch bonuses so you can quickly choose one here on the page.

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Which Type of Online Casino Bonuses Should I Look For?

Due to its competitive nature, online casino operators have to go all out to catch your attention. They do this by offering bonuses and promotions. Let’s call it eye-candy if you will. The one looks more attractive than the next, and choosing the best one is a daunting task.

Online casinos don't only reward new players for signing up. Operators keep on releasing new and exciting bonuses and promos to keep you coming back for more.

Here are some of the online casino bonuses you’ll find:

  • Deposit match welcome bonus: It’s when the casino matches your first deposit. It can be a 100% match up to a certain amount, or it can be more than 100% in some remarkable cases.
  • Free spins welcome bonus: When the casino wants to spoil its slot lovers, it’ll go this route and satisfy you with a fixed amount of free spins. It’s often on a specific slot that’s newly released or trendy ones. You regularly see free spins bonuses on games such as Gonzo’s Quest or Starburst.
  • No deposit bonus: It’s the perfect type of reward when you’re still undecided about whether you want to sign up for a specific casino. The casino gives you a particular amount of credit or free spins that you can use without making a real money deposit.
  • Cashback bonus: It’s everybody’s favourite type of bonus: the casino gives you weekly or monthly cashback rewards. It’s a specific percentage of all the wagers you make during that time, not the amount you have deposited. It’s an excellent way to reward you for your patronage and a regular feature in online casino VIP programmes.
  • Reload bonus: The casino uses this reward to motivate you to deposit during a specific timeframe. It could be a weekend reload bonus or a Monday one. There’s nothing set in stone, except the fact that you can play longer for less. Always an excellent offer.

Narrowed down the bonus you want to use? That's great! We recommend to check out the following slots, that way you'll understand the game mechanics before playing with real money.

Best Casino Bonus

With such various bonus types used by online casinos, it’s difficult to say that any specific one is the best. It depends on your playing style, game preference and time available.

If you’re planning to stick to just one casino, a stricter wagering requirement might not be a bad thing if you’re claiming a more significant bonus amount. In this case, you should also consider casinos that offer VIP or loyalty rewards programmes.

The opposite is valid if you’re more of a hit and run kind of player that enjoys testing out many casinos for shorter periods.

If you know what you want from an online casino experience, it’s easier to find a bonus that’ll work out just right for you and give you all the benefits it should. Some points to consider when deciding this include:

  • How much are you going to deposit?
  • Which casino games do you want to play? Remember that bonuses have exclusions on specific games, and the percentage of a bonus you may use on, for instance, table games, is much smaller than on online slots or Bingo.
  • Would you prefer daily, weekly or monthly bonuses on your deposits? Many online casinos offer ‘reload’ bonuses, and you should find the ones that’ll give you the most credit for your cash. If you’re a weekend player, find an online casino bonus with a running weekend reload promotion.
  • Most importantly, you should feel comfortable with the wagering requirement that the casino places on its bonuses.

Casino Bonus CA Pros and Cons

Everyone loves getting things at no cost. However, casino bonuses are a bit more complicated than that. There are pros and cons to claiming casino promotions, and we will break them down in detail here!

The Pros

  • Welcome Packages
  • Free Spins
  • Numerous bonuses
  • Loyalty programs
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Seasonal rewards

The Cons

  • Wagering requirements
  • Betting limitations
  • Cashout limits
  • Bonus pressure

The Good Side of Bonuses

Let's talk about the pros first. First up are welcome packages – advantageous offers that entice you to sign up. These usually grant some bonus funds matching your initial deposit.

Welcome bonuses offer a great way to try an online casino, too. They make your money last longer. Furthermore, with Lady Luck on your side, you can transform the bonus funds into real cash that you can eventually withdraw and enjoy.

Free spins are another reason to hunt for promotions. Free spins usually get awarded on specific casino games. If a title ever seems interesting, free spins allow you to try it at no cost. Free spins can be standalone bonuses or come bundled with other promotions such as welcome bonuses.

Part of the charm that promotions offer is how many bonuses there are! Casinos offer a lot more than an initial welcome offer and some free spins here and there. An individual website will offer countless bonus rewards to keep you engaged.

Some are one-off promotions, while others are available once a week. Some casinos also have month-long promotions such as tournaments. There is always a new bonus ready for you if you want to play one.

Another way casinos use bonuses is to reward casino members for sticking with them. These loyalty programs reward players in many ways. The most apparent form of a loyalty program is a cashback which pays some of your net losses back to you.

Many bonus programs also feature bonus points. You can trade these bonus points back into real money. Loyalty programs offer various other goodies, which we will let you discover yourselves!

A subsect of these bonuses is the no deposit bonuses. These can be a rare find in online casinos. After all, they grant their bonus reward without requiring players to deposit money! Casinos limit the effectiveness of these bonuses – otherwise, everyone would claim them and leave.

Finally, we have to talk about seasonal promotions. These bonuses launch around the holidays and give casino members something to look forward to. What events a casino will make bonuses around varies between websites. However, the most common seasonal promotions focus on Christmas and Halloween.

The Bad Side of Bonuses

Of course, casino promotions are not all sunshine and rainbows. If they only gave an advantage to the player, websites would not implement them. Despite the upsides, casino bonuses have some disadvantages.

The most considerable downside we have to consider is the presence of the wagering requirements. Wagering requirements force you to play through a bonus before claiming the bonus funds.

You have to consider the wagering requirements before accepting any promotions. Sure, the bonus funds sound great. However, they are not as attractive if you have to wager 50 times your initial deposit to receive them. Ideally, you want wagering requirements ranging from 20x to 30x.

Wagering requirements also limit how you can play in online casinos. Without a bonus, you can enjoy any game and wager as much as possible. That is not the case when you have a promotion active. Bonus terms often dictate what games you can complete the wagering requirements on. Additionally, you will usually have a maximum betting limit.

Promotions that do not have wagering requirements will limit you in other ways. We see this frequently with no deposit bonuses. Such promotions often limit how much money you can withdraw from the feature.

And finally, there is the feeling of bonus pressure. With so many offers, you feel pressured to claim one. It can lead to chain claiming bonuses for some players, which can become a problem.

Bonus Casino Review Criteria

When we review a bonus casino, there are specific criteria that we look for before we recommend it to you. We want to ensure that you’ll reap as much benefit from claiming it as possible.

The first thing we look at is how much it’ll cost you to get the bonus. The minimum deposit required shouldn’t be so big that it excludes entry-level players; it should be in line with the value you’ll get out of playing.

We establish if you have to finish your deposit money before you’re allowed to benefit from the bonus and if you’ll be allowed to withdraw it at all. Many casinos won’t allow you to move the bonus money into your regular casino account to cash it out.

It’s an industry standard, but we look for and highlight the casinos that are willing to give you the full benefit of the casino bonus by placing it into your real money online casino account after you’ve fulfilled the minimum requirements.

Our review team will fine-comb the casino’s terms and conditions to establish the exact wagering requirement. Anything up to 45x your casino bonus is acceptable. When we find that it includes your deposit or is higher than 45x, we’ll highlight that in our review summary.

Win Limits

Another point of focus is the win limits. It’s a big no from our team if the casino limits you severely when wanting to cash out the wins you accumulated during bonus play. There are online casinos that don't restrict your successes, and we’ll always recommend them to you in our reviews because we want to see you enjoy the full benefit.

Games Eligible for Bonus

The games allowed is another crucial point we look at. Will you be able to enjoy the bonus credits on all games in the casino? Is it only on specific ones, and how much of the bonus on which games? Free spins go towards slots only, but is it only one specific slot or all of them? These points matter to us, and we make a point of informing you about every little aspect of the bonus casino beforehand.

We understand the dynamics and mathematics behind each type of casino game, and we find it acceptable that the online casino bonus contributes various percentages for various game types. What we want to see is that you’re still left with a variety to choose from and not only a small segment of the online casino’s games portfolio.

If the bonus casino offers unique bonuses for various games, it gets a huge thumbs up from our team. In such a case, you’ll find multiple welcome bonuses, and you can select which one fits your style, the one for slots, the one for table games or the one for the sportsbook.

Terms and Conditions to Watch in a Casino Bonus

Mostly when something looks too good to be true, it’s because it is. The same rule applies to online casino bonuses. Sure, there are some fantastic, jaw-dropping bonuses out there, but it takes a trained eye to spot what’s hot and what’s not.

Our experts at topcanadiancasinos make a habit of checking out exactly what each casino’s bonus offers you.

Each bonus and/promotion comes with what is called a ‘wagering requirement.’ These are the minimum requirements you have to fulfill to get the maximum benefit from your bonus. It’s generally a set number of times you have to play through the bonus before you may withdraw any winnings that proceed from it.

For example, suppose you claimed a deposit match bonus of $100 with a wagering requirement of 40x the bonus. It means that you have to place bets to the value of 100 x 40 = $4000 with the bonus credits before you have access to withdraw it.

Anything up to 45x the bonus as a wagering requirement is industry standard. Although it sounds high, you can play through it relatively quickly. More than 50x gets a bit steep to fulfill, and the chances are pretty good that you’ll stop gambling online and forfeit any winnings before you manage to meet the requirement.

Speaking of forfeiting your benefits, the time you have to fulfill the wagering requirement is another crucial point to watch for. If the online casino gives you only 24 hours or even 48 hours, it’ll be more challenging to fulfill than when it gives you a week or more.

There’ll also be a maximum winning amount you may withdraw. This amount should not be too low. We want to see a fair opportunity to withdraw the full amount of winnings you generated from the bonus. Talking of withdrawals, the deposit required to obtain the specific reward is equally essential, and another critical point we consider when reviewing a casino bonus.

The last point we consider is whether there’s a maximum bet amount per wager/spin. If it’s too low, it’ll take you forever and a day to play through the required terms, and you might stop playing out of pure boredom. We want to see that the casino gives you a fair chance to play through it and allows you to place decent sized bets should you prefer to.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 😲 What is an exclusive casino bonus?

    An exclusive online casino bonus is what you’ll find here on our site.

    It’s a bonus, created by an online casino, for specific review sites to offer its readers. When using an exclusive bonus, you can claim it by selecting the best one that fits your needs and access it directly from our site. You can use the bonus code provided when asked.

  • 🎁 Can I play without a casino bonus?

    Yes. You can register on any online casino site and proceed to play its games without claiming its welcome bonus offer.

    A casino bonus should never be compulsory. If an online casino makes it mandatory, you should run the other way. It would be best if you always familiarized yourself with a casino’s bonus terms and conditions before claiming it. Using the tips we shared here, you can ensure that you’re getting a fair deal.

  • ⭐ Are online casino bonuses worth it?

    Absolutely yes! There are excellent online casino bonus offers that truly capture the essence of what it’s all about and give you loads of benefits for your money.

    We strive to find those for you and will point out the best ones in our reviews. If a casino sign up bonus gives you a 100% deposit match with a 35x wagering requirement on its entire slots collection - that’s a superb deal, and you should use it without thinking twice. It’ll be easy to meet the minimum conditions and allow you to test out a few slots to find a favourite without having to use your bankroll.

  • 📑 What are good wagering requirements?

    To sum it up in a nutshell: You must meet the requirements quickly without getting bored, and benefit from the winnings you accumulate from playing with the bonus credits.

    Wagering requirements up to 45x your online casino bonus is acceptable. 35x is better. Unlimited winnings are what you should expect from a casino sign up bonus, and if you find it, redeem it. In a perfect world, the bonus casino shouldn’t limit your bet sizes. We know we are pushing some boundaries here, and it’s an industry standard to place a limit on bet sizes, but it shouldn’t cramp your style.

  • 💰 Where do I get real free casino money?

    You can find it here on our site as we have reviewed and picked the best ones for you to enjoy.

    If we recommend it on topcanadiancasinos, you can rest assured we’ve checked out all the pros and cons for you. Remember that the aim of the game is to have fun, and that’s why we’re here for you: to help you have fun while enjoying all the benefits a casino sign up bonus gives you.