Monopoly Big Baller
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 96.1%
Max Multiplier Unlimited
Monopoly Big Baller
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 96.1%
Max Multiplier Unlimited
Monopoly Big Baller Review

Monopoly Big Baller Review

Evolution has been a leader in the field of live casino, having achieved significant success over the years. Players have enjoyed many of its releases, and the company always offers something new.

This time, the prominent provider has taken a classic game and added exciting Multipliers and Bonuses to create a memorable experience. The result has turned into a potentially thrilling game, but will it be as exciting for the players?

Where to play Monopoly Big Baller?

Monopoly Big Baller will launch in all Evolution casinos, enabling players to choose where they will play carefully. It will exclude the importance of game availability, allowing punters to focus on other important things.

When picking your online casino venue, we recommend you consider a few factors, including payment methods, promotions, casino games, and other crucial options. We have prepared several casinos that fit these criteria for you, so feel free to check them out.

Up to $1600
+ Free Spins
Up to 1000$
Free Spins
Up to $400
150 Free Spins
100% up to 00
120 Free Spins

How to play Monopoly Big Baller?

You can always rely on Evolution to provide a unique setting, this time taking players on a fantastic riverboat voyage. After you have placed a bet on one to four Free Space/Chance cards, you will see a 5×5 cell card. It will generate numbers from 1 to 60, with MR.

Monopoly pulling the lever to introduce random free spaces and Multipliers. A free space (daub) takes the characteristics of a drawn number. The centre is a free space, while the center cell is always a Multiplier.

When daubs and Multipliers are attached to the cards, twenty out of sixty balls are drawn from the machine. The number on the ball should match one on your cards, and free space is automatically placed there. Red balls match, while grey ones do not, and you should complete one or more lines on a card to win the wager.

If you win a special bet, you can participate in the Bonus game played with two dice on a special Monopoly board. If you are lucky, you could get your hands on multiple lucrative winnings, increase Multipliers and receive other benefits.

Monopoly Big Baller Bonus

Monopoly Big Baller features & betting options

Multipliers enter the fray when one or more drawn balls match the number on the card with the Multiplier. Three types of Chance Multipliers are available – with Standard, any line containing the number wins. Line and Global Multipliers make up the rest.

The former pays out if you win the particular line, while the latter grants the payout for any winning line. With or without a Multiplier, the payout is there.

The standard ones are valued at 10x or 20x, the Line Multipliers are worth 20x or 50x, while the Global ones give you 2x or 3x the bet. Except for betting on Free Space and Chance cards, you can lay a wager on all of them simultaneously. You can also repeat the previous bet or use the autoplay option for a limited number of rounds.

Place a wager on “3 Rolls“ or “5 Rolls“ to enter the Bonus game, with the chance of free spaces landing randomly on both. You need three unique numbers to be drawn for the former and four of them for the latter. If it happens, the Bonus game starts immediately after the 20 numbers are drawn. If all the numbers for “3 Rolls“ or “5 Rolls“ are drawn, the dice will roll three or five times.

If all the numbers for both cards land, the two consecutive Bonus games will be played. The Monopoly board has the same appearance as a regular one, but with properties that have attached Multipliers. Random properties are built before the Bonus game to enhance them.

Once the dice start rolling, MR. Monopoly will walk the distance on the board; your winnings will be shown and added to the total. Players can receive a cash prize or a fee if he stops on Community Chest or Chance.

If you “Go to Jail“, you must get a double to get out, but it does not interfere with your previous winnings. A double during the regular Bonus game awards you an extra dice roll. Each time you pass “Go“, your property values are doubled. Furthermore, Income tax decreases your winnings by 10%, while Supertax reduces them by 20%.

Monopoly Big Baller Online

Monopoly Big Baller RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

Evolution allows players to bet between $0.10 and $1,000, giving them a wide range of possibilities. However, individual casinos might set their own limits.

The theoretical RTP amounts to 96.1%, slightly surpassing the industry average. Moreover, this highly volatile Bingo-style game has fantastic payout potential.

The most fortunate punters might grab up to $500,000. It requires time and patience, but the jaw-dropping amount will indubitably attract many players to check the game out.

Monopoly Big Baller hints and tips

Players can employ some tactics and strategies when playing this game, but ultimately, luck will be the decisive factor. One could focus strictly on the Bonus Card Bets, looking to trigger the feature and unleash the big wins. Some will try waiting it out and estimating how many plays one needs before activating the next Bonus round.

Another approach is to double the stake of the previously lost wager for short-term success. Nobody can guarantee you will emerge victorious whatever you try, for this is a game of chance through and through.

Final Thoughts

Monopoly Big Baller has all the elements of an all-timer, with engaging and interactive gameplay and phenomenal payout potential. It is a fantastic-looking Bingo-style game that offers an immersive experience that will engross you completely.

Several attractive bets, lucrative Multipliers and an unmatched atmosphere will keep players on the edge of their seats. If you are a Monopoly fan and do not mind high volatility, be sure to try Evolution’s promising release.

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