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Prepaid Cards Casino

As online casinos in Canada grow in popularity, so do the available options to deposit and withdraw funds from them. While each offers security and convenience to a degree, each comes with the risk of over depositing or other complications.

Occasionally, Canadian banks might decide to block transactions going outside of the country. If you are privacy-minded, you might not want your bank to know about your iGaming hobby. No matter what your reason is, prepaid cards offer a solution.

Looking for the best prepaid card casinos?

Odds are, you have probably come across prepaid cards at some point. You can find them in many places, usually under different names. Prepaid vouchers, prepaid codes, disposable vouchers, and pre-loaded cards are all used to describe prepaid cards.

Their name gives you a general idea of how they work, too. You purchase a card and add funds to it. You can then use those funds to deposit in an online casino that interests you.

Two types of prepaid cards exist that players can use. The first ones are one-time load cards. The card has a fixed amount of money attached to it. Once the funds are spent, the card becomes useless.

Reloadable cards offer a different experience. You can add more money to these cards, by either visiting a physical location or using a website. In both cases, the card must not be branded with ‘For use only in Canada’. Such cards will often not work with online casinos, which are usually based outside of Canada.

The primary advantage of prepaid cards comes from the security they offer. Players do not connect their bank account information or credit/debit cards to the online casino itself.

Online casinos that accept prepaid cards allow you to sidestep the concern of that information leaking or being hacked. That said, prepaid cards only allow you to deposit, and not withdraw funds. You will have to handle withdrawals using another payment method.

Using prepaid cards is also great for privacy and stopping you from over depositing. All prepaid cards simply relay your funds to an online casino. Your bank or e-wallet provider never sees where you have deposited your funds.

Additionally, you can only spend the amount of money you have on the card. Once it is gone, players cannot go and deposit again. They have to refill their prepaid card or buy a new one. Precious time that can keep you from spending too much in the heat of the moment.

Overall, we can certainly see prepaid cards for online casino play are quite an exciting option to use. However, will that be enough to win players over? After all, every payment method has its advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, we go in-depth on everything you need to know about prepaid cards. We discuss how to use them, what prepaid cards are available to Canadians, and what to watch out for.

Best Prepaid card casinos for Canadians 2024

Canadians have several options they can use when it comes to prepaid cards. Paysafecard, EcoPayz via ecoVoucher, Neosurf, and Flexepin, as well as prepaid Visa and MasterCard cards, are all possible options.

If you want to use any of these banking methods, we recommend one of the following real money casinos.

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Different Types of Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards come in many shapes and sizes. They offer an easy, simple way to handle a transaction without any extra worries. Due to their increasing popularity in online gambling, most online casinos offer at least one or two prepaid card deposit options.

Transactions are handled quickly and are generally quite convenient. Once you have the prepaid card, you enter the details and the funds appear in your account almost instantly.

You can take advantage of several types of prepaid cards. Reloadable prepaid cards are the most popular among online casino players. You buy them once and can refill the balance using cash.

Another option for prepaid cards is disposable prepaid cards. You buy the card, spend the balance on it, and then throw it away.

Disposable prepaid cards usually last between six to twelve months. We have also seen the rise of virtual prepaid cards in recent years, where everything is handled online.

For Canadian casino members, the following payment methods are available:

  • Paysafecard

    Paysafecard is an Austrian-based prepaid card that has become popular across the globe, including Canada. Paysafecard requires you to open an account on their website first. After that, you can buy Paysafecards, which have valued ranging from $10 to $250.

    The card has a sixteen-digit PIN, which you enter to add the funds to your account. Paysafecard does not have any extra fees, and processing time for most deposits is done in minutes.

  • EcoPayz

    EcoPayz offers a prepaid card solution in the form of an EcoVoucher. The process behind it is quite simple. You buy an EcoVoucher from a retailer, which can then be used on a website accepting said vouchers.

    Players enter an eighteen-digit PIN when making a deposit. This redeems all the funds on the EcoVoucher you purchased. You can only claim one EcoVoucher per transaction. The payment method itself does not charge you, but online casinos may charge a small commission fee when using it.

  • Neosurf

    Neosurf prepaid cards allow users to deposit digital cash into their accounts without having to share banking information. Neosurf prepaid cards can be purchased online or in-person and can then be used to deposit at online casinos.

    Each prepaid card has a purchase fee, starting at $1.49 per voucher. The cost varies depending on what voucher you buy.

    Neosurf vouchers come with a ten-digit validation code. Enter it while making a deposit and the voucher’s funds will become available in your account.

  • Flexepin

    Flexepin prepaid vouchers can be purchased in many retail outlets across Canada. They have widespread acceptance among Canadian online casinos, as well. Flexepin prepaid cards can also be purchased online, which trades some privacy for convenience.

    Depositing with Flexepin is simple. Choose it as a payment method, and then enter the sixteen-digit code from your Flexepin card. Flexepin also has convenience fees when purchased. It starts at $1.95 and increases with the prepaid card’s value.

  • MasterCard

    Mastercard offers a prepaid card of its own. It can be purchased online or at a participating retail location or bank branch. The card has to be activated, requiring you to provide your personal information and government ID.

    Once active, players can load funds into the prepaid card whenever they run out. These cards work with online casinos, allowing you to use the same card when making deposits. You just need to top up its balance instead of buying a brand new prepaid card.

  • Visa

    Visa also has a prepaid card customers can take advantage of. Visa’s prepaid cards are reloadable, allowing you to add funds at any time. These prepaid cards can be used anywhere where Visa’s debit or credit cards are accepted, including online casinos.

    CIBC, Desjardins, DirectCash Bank, and Peoples Trust Company are the only ones who can issue Visa reloadable prepaid cards.

  • Visa and MasterCard Gift Cards

    Both Visa and MasterCard also offer gift cards. These gift cards are preloaded with a certain amount of funds. However, unlike MasterCard and Visa’s regular prepaid cards, these cannot be refilled. Depending on the provider, you may have to activate the gift card before you use it.

    The gift card must be used before it expires. Once it expires, you can request to receive a new card if you have remaining funds on it. Issuers may charge a fee for this service.

Top VISA prepaid casinos

Visa prepaid cards are accepted where Visa debit and credit cards are also present. For players, that means all the best Canadian online casinos are open for them.

This means you can use Visa prepaid cards to claim casino bonuses, which is a huge plus in our eyes. If you want a recommendation, we recommend trying one of the following online casinos. All three of these offer a great place for you to try your new prepaid card out.

#1 Neospin Casino

Neospin Casino
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#2 Hell Spin Casino

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Prepaid Cards Casino Paysafecard
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#3 Bizzo Casino

Bizzo Casino
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Best MasterCard prepaid casinos

MasterCard’s prepaid cards are functionally identical to their Visa counterpart. Both can be refilled and require you to register them. Most importantly, MasterCard prepaid cards are also accepted anywhere that MasterCard credit or debit cards are.

This leads to an interesting conclusion, where the best Visa and MasterCard prepaid casinos are the same. What else do these online casinos that accept prepaid MasterCard cards offer?

#1 Bob Casino

Bob Casino
Up to $1500
130 Free Spins
Prepaid Cards Casino
Prepaid Cards Casino
Prepaid Cards Casino Creditcard
Prepaid Cards Casino Paysafecard
  • Over 3,000 casino games available
  • Excellent live casino
  • 24/7 customer support

#2 SkyCrown Casino

SkyCrown Casino
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Prepaid Cards Casino
Prepaid Cards Casino
Prepaid Cards Casino Skrill
Prepaid Cards Casino Creditcard
Prepaid Cards Casino Bitcoin
Prepaid Cards Casino
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#3 King Billy Casino

King Billy Casino
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Prepaid Cards Casino
Prepaid Cards Casino
Prepaid Cards Casino
Prepaid Cards Casino Creditcard
  • $10 minimum deposit
  • Extensive payment options
  • Exclusive $5 no deposit bonus

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Very secure and private
  • Easy to get
  • Prevents you from over depositing


  • Can come with extra costs
  • Cannot withdraw back to the cards
  • Not always available

There are many good reasons to use prepaid cards. However, they do come with certain drawbacks that you have to account for when using them.

In the interest of being fair, we will mention both the good and the bad. You can then use what you have learned here to decide if you want to use any of the prepaid cards we mentioned before.

Prepaid card advantages

First, prepaid cards offer security and privacy few other payment methods can offer. Players do not connect their actual cards or bank accounts to the internet. Everything is handled via a disposable card with limited funds on it.

If your account is compromised or the casino is hacked, no one can steal your banking information. All they will have is information about a prepaid card, which may not even have any funds left on it.

Additionally, we like the ability to keep your bank from knowing where you are spending your money. If you buy a prepaid card, your financial institution cannot see where you spent that money.

This does not apply to refillable Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards since your bank issues them. If privacy is your concern, then you should use disposable prepaid cards when depositing money.

Prepaid cards are surprisingly easy to get too. The only requirement to get one is to be more than eighteen years old. Your credit score does not matter either. Anyone can buy a prepaid card and use it, provided they have the funds to do so.

You will almost certainly have one of the prepaid cards we already mentioned available in your local area. If you have multiple options available, you can compare what they offer and decide which option suits you best.

We also cannot forget the fact that prepaid cards prevent you from over depositing. Being caught up in the heat of the moment and spending more than we planned happens to everyone.

Fortunately, disposable prepaid cards get around this issue by having limited funds. If you want to play more, you need to go and buy another card.

Refillable prepaid cards also accomplish this but are not as effective. If you can top them up at any point over the internet, they are no different from standard payment methods.

Prepaid card disadvantages

Those are the good sides of prepaid cards. However, A few extra limitations exist that players need to be aware of. The first comes in the form of various fees.

Some prepaid cards make money by charging you extra ahead of time. For example, a $25 prepaid card would cost you $27. Other prepaid cards might charge you per transaction, or if you want to combine multiple prepaid cards into one deposit.

Each prepaid card handles fees differently. Before you use them, make sure to research each one thoroughly for hidden costs.

Furthermore, you cannot withdraw funds back to your prepaid cards. Paysafecard is the only payment method that allows you to do so right now. However, support for this feature is very limited among online casinos currently. This means you need to connect another payment method to your online casino to withdraw.

Having to use another payment method, like Interac, iDebit or Gigadat, to retrieve your funds is a major weakness of using prepaid cards. That is why so many prepaid card companies now offer e-wallet services, as well.

We also mentioned how not all prepaid cards are available everywhere. For casino members interested in using this payment method they need two things to align. First, the prepaid card they are interested in has to be available in your local area.

Second, the online casino you want to play in has to support that particular prepaid card. We did our best to list prepaid cards that are widely available. However, you will still run into an occasional mismatch here and there.

Once you put it all together, prepaid cards offer quite a few advantages compared to traditional payment methods. However, plenty of minor inconveniences exist that may sour them to other casino members.

Whether or not you should use them depends on your circumstances. If you have a good prepaid voucher available and your casino supports it, we see no reason not to. Find the balance between convenient and useful, and prepaid cards will show you why they are so popular.


  • What is the best online casino that accepts prepaid cards?

    Currently, the best online casino that accepts prepaid cards is Goodman Casino. It allows players to deposit using Neosurf, Flexepin, ecoVoucher, Visa prepaid cards, and MasterCard prepaid cards.

    The casino features more than 5,000 games made by more than fifty software providers. It also has quite a few incredible bonuses that you can claim using your prepaid card deposits. This is a fantastic casino to play in, whether or not you end up using prepaid cards to deposit or not.

  • How fast are prepaid card transactions to casinos?

    Prepaid card transactions function quite similarly to debit or credit cards when it comes to depositing funds. Once a valid PIN is entered, you can expect the funds to appear in your account very quickly.

    There might be slight delays if you try to combine multiple cards. However, that is only an issue if your chosen prepaid card provider offers such a service in the first place.

    In the case of prepaid Visa and prepaid MasterCard vouchers, transactions are handled in the same manner as regular cards. This, plus the fact they are rechargeable, makes them the most hassle-free option.

  • Are there casinos that accept VISA or Mastercard gift vouchers?

    There is a distinction to be made between Visa and MasterCard gift prepaid cards and their regular prepaid cards. Both Visa and MasterCard prepaid vouchers can be refilled after you spend all your funds.

    However, this is not the case for gift cards. They are a one-and-done deal. Most online casinos accept gift vouchers from these two companies and treat them like a regular credit/debit card deposit.

    However, it is worth mentioning some prepaid gift cards can only be used in Canada. If such a limitation exists on the gift voucher, you cannot use it to deposit in overseas online casinos. Usually, such cards will be branded with a message such as ‘For use only in Canada’.

  • How do I pay out when I deposit with a prepaid card in an online casino?

    Currently, only Paysafecard gives players an option to withdraw using prepaid cards. Other payment methods, such as Neosurf and ecoPayz, offer an e-wallet you can withdraw your funds to instead. However, we have not seen many operators that support withdrawals with Paysafecard or Neosurf.

    ecoPayz is more widespread, but it still requires opening an e-wallet account. Alternatively, casino members can withdraw funds using wire transfers or by credit/debit card.

  • Are there any fees for deposits and withdrawals?

    There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Every prepaid card has some fees somewhere. After all, the company behind them has to make money. The question is where these fees appear and how large they are.

    Some prepaid vouchers offer an upfront cost in the form of a purchase fee. Other prepaid cards will make transactions free but might charge you for other services.

    For example, you might have to pay to reactivate a prepaid card if you did not use it in time. We recommend reading our pages on the listed payment methods to make sure no hidden costs are waiting for you.