EcoPayz Casino

Online gambling is all fun and games until it’s time to withdraw your winnings and you’re slammed with a bunch of fine print rules and conditions.

Picking a sound, reputable, and reliable payment method from the onset will save you the headache of having to leap through hoops when you want to cash out.

While definitely not the largest payment platform out there, EcoPayz has years of experience. This gives the company leverage when weighed against its competitors.

The eWallet platform initially operated as EcoCard in 2000 and rebranded to Ecopayz in 2013.

With a payment processor that’s had over two decades to finetune its stellar product, Ecopayz now tick every box when it comes to convenience, speed, and affordability.

First off, Ecopayz is compliant with PCI-DSS standard requirements. Secondly, while Ecopayz aims to make transacting on the platform a breeze, player safety isn’t compromised.

That’s because the platform is fully encrypted throughout all operations, which means all your financial data is kept private.

You don’t need a credit check to open up an Ecopayz online casino account, something punters not particularly proud of their credit scores will appreciate.

The platform skips unnecessary procedural red tape, allowing players to sign up for free, then deposit, and withdraw with ease.

As a top payment processor, Ecopayz offers a debit card to meet customer expectations. You can, therefore, use the EcoPayz Mastercard to cash out your Ecopayz online casino from an ATM.

Like the casinos it works with, Ecopayz has a VIP program, where customers qualify for a range of rewards and perks for users as they go up the ranks.

These are just the highlights. In this guide, we’ll unravel this payment service with a fine-toothed comb.

We’ll explain how it works, its pitfalls, and outline some of the best casinos that accept Ecopayz in Canada. Let’s jump right into it!

Best Ecopayz Online Casinos Canada 2024

With a payment service that has been around since 2000, it’s not surprising that Ecopayz is now regarded as one of the best payment methods on the market.

While many of them provide excellent gaming products, not every Ecopayz online casino offers its customers lightning-speed deposits and unmatched security.

Have a look at our selection of the top casinos that accept Ecopayz in Canada:

Up to $1600
+ Free Spins
Up to $400
150 Free Spins
100% up to 00
120 Free Spins
Up to 200$
200 Free Spins
Up to 200$
+ Free Spins
Up to 500$
88 Free Spins
Up to $220
170 Free Spins
100% up to $200
50 Free Spins
Up to $450
100 Free Spins
Up to $1500
150 Free Spins

How Ecopayz casinos work

Signing up with an Ecopayz Casino is a breeze, even for players who’re not too confident in their tech skills.

The entire process only takes a couple of minutes, and before you know it, you’ll be the proud owner of an EcoAccount.

The icing on the cake? You can start using it right away! As mentioned, you don’t need to pass your credit score with flying colours.

Another mind-blowing fact is that you can open an Ecopayz account, even if you don’t have a bank account! How’s that for convenience?

Seasoned gamers are already familiar with registering at a real money casino. If this is your first encounter with the platform and unsure how to go about it, follow the detailed step-by-step instruction guide below.

1. Registering your account

To set up an Ecopayz Casino account, first head to the online casino’s website. Click the Signup or Register button, which is usually located in the top-right corner of the homepage.

Create a unique username and password. You’ll also need to enter a valid email address where you’ll receive your email verification link.

Select your country of residence, which of course, in this case, is Canada. Enter your personal information including name, surname, and date of birth.

You may also need to enter your contact information such as address and phone number.

2. Verification

Next, you should verify your email address. The online casino will send you an email with a verification link.

Simply click the link and you’ll be redirected to the casino, with a verified account.

Although you can push off your full account verification until you want to make a payout, it’s wiser to do it right off the bat.

You can verify your identity by submitting your proof of residence and upload a scan of a picture ID. This process can take between a few hours and a few days, depending on the Casino.

3. Funding your account

To fund your account, log in to the online gaming site and go to the banking section. Look for Ecopayz, click on the deposit button, and insert the amount you want to deposit.

Click on Next, and you’ll be directed to the Ecopayz website. If you already have an account, then login with your account and make the payment.

New customers have to go through a few-minutes registration process before they can start depositing.

4. Requesting withdrawals

To withdraw your winnings, visit the gaming site’s cashier area, select Ecopayz, and enter your login details.

Enter the amount you want to withdraw, making sure to observe the online casino’s maximum withdrawal limits. Go ahead and submit your request.

EcoPayz deposit

Transaction fees and withdrawal times

While registration is free, Canadians should expect to pay transaction fees when they make a deposit with casinos that accept Ecopayz.

The service provider has 5 service levels, starting at the Classic level, all the way up to Blue VIP. The transaction fees and limits vary according to the tier.

The fees charged for funding your Ecopayz account using a Bank deposit range from 0%-10% of the amount you deposit.

Credit card deposits attract a percentage fee of between 1.69% and 6.00%. For any currency conversions, you have to pay 2.99% of the amount.

CodePayz and Western Union deposits are free. Most players are concerned with how much it costs to make a deposit into an Ecopayz Casino.

The good news is that deposits are free across all tiers, which makes Ecopayz one of the most cost-effective banking methods to use to fund your casino account. Deposit transactions are instant, so you’ll be able to start playing immediately.

If you’re looking for a payment processor that can deliver your winnings near-instantly, then Ecopayz is a good option.

While credit cards may take 2-5 days to clear your funds, Ecopayz withdrawals are instant.

If you register at an Ecopayz Casino that processed transactions within 24 hours, you could access your winnings on the same day.

Withdrawing funds from your Ecopayz account to your bank may take up to a week.

These processing times make Ecopayz an ideal choice for customers who want to keep their winnings in their eWallet or withdraw using the ecoCard.

To withdraw your funds from the account to the bank, you must pay between $8.88 and $15.05.

It’s understandable why some punters may view this as a bit steep because other payment platforms charge as little as $2.

Also, customers must pay $2.24 if they are on a gaming sabbatical and keep their accounts inactive for a year.

Ecopayz Casino Canada Bonuses

Ask any seasoned gamer, and they will tell you that a lot of factors go under scrutiny before they decide to sign up with a specific online gambling site.

Offering excellent and safe payment methods is a great start, but complimentary bonuses for using specific payment platforms seal the deal.

Whether the casino bonus is in the form of free spins or bonus funds, the point is most players love freebies.

So, if you’re on the hunt for online casinos that accept Ecopayz, but also reward you for depositing with the payment platform, look no further than these top picks:

1. Woo Casino

Woo Casino
Up to $300
200 Free Spins
EcoPayz Casino
EcoPayz Casino
EcoPayz Casino
EcoPayz Casino
EcoPayz Casino Bitcoin
EcoPayz Casino Paysafecard
EcoPayz Casino Creditcard
  • Awesome website design
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Nice live casino section

Aside from giving punters over 2,000 casino games to explore, Woo Casino allows players to participate in numerous tournaments.

By doing so, you stand a chance to win up to 800 free spins and get a share of the $3,000 weekly prize pool.

We won’t even go into detail regarding the Woo Casino VIP program that awards players rewards of up to $200,000!

2. Casino Friday

Casino Friday
100% up to $500
200 Free Spins
EcoPayz Casino
EcoPayz Casino
EcoPayz Casino
EcoPayz Casino Creditcard
EcoPayz Casino Bitcoin
  • $10 minimum deposit
  • Great slot selection
  • Nice welcome bonus

Casino Friday turns heads with its alluring welcome bonus. But what’s even more interesting is that the online casino awards players what is known as a Parachute bonus or No –Sticky bonus.

That means you can play any game you want with real money before the infamous wagering restrictions kick in.

Add the tons of promotions on offer and well-rounded game selection, and you can see why Casino Friday is loved by Canadian punters.

3. Lucky Days Casino

Lucky Days
Up to $1500
100 Free Spins
EcoPayz Casino
EcoPayz Casino
EcoPayz Casino
EcoPayz Casino
EcoPayz Casino
EcoPayz Casino Paysafecard
EcoPayz Casino Creditcard
EcoPayz Casino Bitcoin
  • Fast mobile website
  • Good selection of slots
  • Extensive deposit options

Players have a chance to literally get lucky with Lucky Days Casino. That is if the mind-blowing welcome bonus package is anything to go by!

Add the 1300 quality casino games from legendary studio houses such as NetEnt and Microgaming, and it’s as clear as day why the site appeals to gamers.

Advantages of casinos that accept Ecopayz

The mere fact that Ecopayz has been around for 20 years means it’s doing something right.

The payment platform wouldn’t have lasted this long if it wasn’t popular among online casinos and Canadian punters alike.

But don’t take our word for it, have a look at the numerous benefits of signing up with online casinos in partnership with the veteran payment platform.

Latest security

With the threat of online scamming on the rise, punters are naturally drawn to gaming sites that prioritize customer security.

Any Ecopayz online casino fits that description. Why? As mentioned, Ecopayz uses only the latest technology where security is concerned.

The platform doesn’t share your banking details directly with the casino because the site is SSL-encrypted.

That’s bad news for hackers because they can’t see or access your banking details, so the risk of funds mysteriously going missing from your account is reduced.

Another upside to this encryption is that your Ecopayz Casino gaming activities aren’t tracked by curious unauthorized third parties.

Instant deposits

Imagine having to wait days for hours before your deposits reflect so you can start gaming.

That’s something you don’t have to worry about at an Ecopayz Casino because the deposits you make reflect right away!

Since it’s a digital wallet, you can keep track of your gambling habits and bankroll. You can view how much money is in your account and when the funds are dwindling, so you can call it a day.

The same can’t be said if you keep funding your casino account directly with your credit card!

Readily accessible

A payment platform that’s readily accessible to punters regardless of location is a plus. That’s especially true in the 21st century, where customers value convenience more than anything else.

Irrespective of when you bank, where you bank, or how you bank, Ecopayz Casino is readily accessible. Plus, you can access the platform using your mobile device for added convenience.

Physical card

A physical plastic card that’s linked to an eWallet is now an indispensable part of an online casino gaming banking package.

Ecopayz offers the EcoPayz Mastercard, which reaches most customers’ mailboxes in a few days, free of charge.

Having a physical card means that you can spend or access cash from an ATM as soon as your winnings hit your Ecopayz eWallet.

Players should, however, keep in mind that cash withdrawals are subject to a 2% fee.

VIP program

As soon as you register for an Ecopayz account, you’ll qualify for a series of rewards and perks in the payment processor’s VIP program.

Customers catch the train at the Classic level and move on to the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and ultimately, the Blue VIP level.

As you climb up the ladder, you’ll access a range of benefits, including faster payment processing times, and lower fee rates.

Disadvantages of Ecopayz casinos

Ecopayz Casino Canada websites, much like gaming sites that use other payment processors, aren’t immune to their fair share of drawbacks.

To give you a fair and objective outlook of the ins and outs of Ecopayz, we’ll list some of the platform’s setbacks.

The goal here is to help you make an informed decision if you decide to sign up with an Ecopayz online casino.

Deposit charges

With some payment methods, you’re not charged for funding your eWallet. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case when you’re working with Ecopayz Casino Canada sites.

Depending on how you want to fund your Ecopayz account, you may have to pay between 1.69% and 6% of the deposit amount.

Dormant account charges

Unfortunately, you can’t take a free online gaming sabbatical from Ecopayz Casino Canada sites.

As mentioned, if you decide not to use the account for a good 12 months, you’ll have to pay to keep your account active.

Although quite frankly, the amount charged shouldn’t make a dent in your finances, some players still prefer to go with free services.

Long eWallet to Bank Transfer Time

While cashing out your winnings to an Ecopayz eWallet is typically a same-day affair, withdrawing the money to your bank is a different kettle of fish.

Customers may have to wait for more than a week for cash from an Ecopayz account to reach their bank accounts.


Thanks to technological advancements, players now have countless payment methods at their disposal to use for online casino gaming.

These payment processors all have one primary mandate—to ensure punters can deposit and withdraw funds.

Unfortunately, some players in this industry don’t quite hit the mark when it comes to depositing time frames, security features, and user-friendliness.

Ecopayz is one of the few that managed to hit the bull’s eye and is considered one of the best payment methods on the market.

Players who deposit at casinos that accept Ecopayz can expect payments to reflect instantly.

If your chosen Ecopayz Casino Canada site processes withdrawals within 24 hours, you should be able to access your winnings the same day you make a request.

Transferring winning to your bank account may take over a week, but customers can use the EcoPayz Mastercard to access cash at ATMs.

Overall, Ecopayz is a safe and secure payment platform that gives Canadians peace of mind so they can concentrate on what they do best—playing online casino games!


  • What is Ecopayz?

    Ecopayz is an online eWallet payment service that can be used by Canadian gamers. The platform has been operational since 2001 and provides players with unmatched efficiency where speedy deposits are concerned.

    Ecopayz is your go-to if you’re looking for a payment method that prioritizes customer safety since it uses the best security features on the market.

  • Why Should I use Ecopayz in an online casino?

    A payment method that protects your sensitive financial data is always the right one. At Ecopayz Casino Canada sites, your financial information or gaming history isn’t shared with the online casino or any third parties.

    Also, the payment method boasts a responsive customer service team, should you find yourself in a tricky gaming situation.

  • What are the best Ecopayz casino sites?

    The best Ecopayz casino sites are those that aim to give players a quality gaming experience from gameplay to payment processing. Lucky Days, Woo Casino, and Casino Friday live up to those expectations.

    While we’ve singled out the mentioned sites, have a look at our list of recommendations if you want more options of licensed casinos that offer players fair gaming practices.

  • How high are the transaction fees for Ecopayz online casinos?

    Players can expect to pay between 0% and 10% for deposits to their eWallets via the bank. To transfer funds from your Ecopayz account to your online casino account, you typically don’t have to pay any fees.

    Withdrawing cash from your Ecopayz eWallet to your bank account may cost between $9.02 and $15.29.

  • Is Ecopayz a bank?

    Many gamers are confused as to whether Ecopayz is a bank. To shed clarity on the matter, Ecopayz isn’t a bank.

    Instead, it’s an eWallet with a 10-digit-number in-house account. Essentially, that means money can only be sent within the Ecopayz system.