Online Scratch Cards
RTP 95%
Max Multiplier 100x
Online Scratch Cards
RTP 95%
Max Multiplier 100x

Online Scratch Cards Review

Over the years, many forms of casino games have come and gone. However, one niche stood firm throughout that time – online scratch cards.

Now, you’re probably wondering why this is the case, but it’s actually pretty straightforward – they’re incredibly simple to play.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to scratch off the hidden fields, right? Of course not, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online scratch cards and their benefits.

That’s why, in this guide, we want to encompass the whole iceberg and give you a detailed guide on how to play these games.

topcanadiancasinos prides itself in its research, so you already know our team did their homework. In addition to the basics, we’ll also provide some pretty useful advice. How does that sound? Good? Great, let’s go, then!

Top Casinos for Scratch Cards Online in 2024

It goes without saying that online casinos Canada aren’t blind. They’ve seen the impact of scratch card games, and almost every site in Canada added them to its roster.

Of course, not all casinos are the same. That’s why topcanadiancasinos tested several dozen sites, comparing them across a multitude of factors and ultimately ranking them accordingly.

So, without further ado, here are your top real money casinos for online scratch cards in Canada. Enjoy!

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How to Play Online Scratch Cards

This is probably our favourite part about real money scratch cards – there’s no learning curve. That’s right, you start completely from scratch (pun very much intended), and after a few minutes of gameplay, everything will be crystal clear.

In fact, it’s just like physical cards. Instead of getting that annoying acrylic stuck under your fingernails, you’ll either be clicking with your mouse or tapping on the screen.

Keep in mind that there is no strategy involved in playing scratch cards. Everything is completely random, and your only job is to peel the virtual coating to see if you’ve won.

In real life, lotteries and gaming boards only print a select number of winning cards. With the online gambling version – the process is very similar. The software hands the cards randomly, with only a few players ending up lucky.

To be completely frank, there might not be any strategy involve, but you should definitely change your way of thinking depending on the exact game. With that in mind, let’s see what the most common variants are and their highlights and best features.

Real Money Scratch Cards Variations

While casino sites did make playing scratch cards much easier, they also allowed room for experimentation. So, instead of sticking to the traditional format, software suppliers, like Hacksaw Games and Gamevy, took a risk and started implementing their own ideas.

And the movement is still going, with wacky new titles coming out every month. However, we believe that most online scratch cards fall into one of the following groups.

  • Instant Win Scratch Cards

    This is probably the type everyone’s used to. Basically, you just have to peel off the layer to see if you’ve won. There are no additional gimmicks, features, or multipliers.

    In most cases, the goal is to stumble upon a particular symbol. Just like in slot games, some are more elusive than others. While these rare ones can often lead to a big payday, there are also other symbols that’ll make you happy.

    They might not result in a jackpot, but medium-sized wins are always welcome and relatively common when playing online scratch cards.

  • Line-Focused Scratch Cards

    Instant win cards are a great way for beginners to get their feet wet, but they often lack the ability to award truly gargantuan wins.

    When you start feeling comfortable, you can chase those wins by playing lines scratch cards. Instead of looking for just one symbol to make or break you, the goal of these cards is to find the symbols aligned.

    Initially, this was restricted to horizontal lines only. Nowadays, some games even allow for vertical and diagonal alignments.

    While it’s harder to win at these real money scratch cards, the wins are more rewarding and, overall, the cards themselves are more intricate.

  • Multiple Chance Scratch Cards

    Compared to the previous two variants, this concept is a bit different. To begin the process, you just reveal a single panel on the card. The symbol that shows up is considered the winning symbol.

    Afterwards, the goal is to reveal all the other panels and find that exact same symbol. If you land on a match, you win. If not, better luck next time.

    Think of this particular type as the halfway point between instant wins and lines. The winnings are bigger than what you might see in instant wins, but the odds of winning are halved.

    Again, a computer program randomly assigns you a card, so there’s nothing you can do other than scratch away.

    Amongst the player base, these are known as the best odds scratch cards. Depending on the number of available fields, you can fail a couple of times and still end up victorious.

  • Custom Scratch Cards

    Honestly, we weren’t quite sure how to phrase this category, but we felt it would be a good way to group up all the experimental games we’ve seen.

    With the power of software development, companies can turn literally anything into a scratch card. One of the most popular subtypes of these cards are those based on other casino games.

    For instance, you can play blackjack against a dealer and your winnings are determined by the strength of the card you uncover. Or even poker!

    The possibilities are endless and you can find lots of these weird cards at one of our recommended sites.

Online Scratch Cards Bonus

Where Can I Play Online Scratch Cards?

This is where it gets tricky. While online scratch cards are an inseparable part of the casino ecosystem, they aren’t really considered casino games by the law.

Instead, they get lumped together with various lotteries and numbers-based games. It makes sense when you think about it, as the first scratch cards were released by state lotteries in the US. Canada followed suit and that’s how we got to the point where we are now.

Today, online scratch cards and the casinos that offer them are not regulated by the central government. Due to the reformed Criminal Code of 1970, provinces gained the right to set up their own regulatory bodies and mandate any rules they wanted.

So, a casino that’s willing to welcome Canadian customers has to apply for a license at one of the following authorities:

  • Alberta – Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
  • British Columbia – BCLC
  • Manitoba – Liquor and Gaming Commission of Manitoba
  • New Brunswick – New Brunswick Gaming Control
  • Newfoundland – Service NL
  • Nova Scotia – Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division Service of Nova Scotia
  • Ontario – Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
  • Prince Edward Island – Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission
  • Quebec – Loto Quebec
  • Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

In addition to these regulators, there’s also the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This is an organization based on Mohawk, which is a territory in the Kahnawake region of Quebec.

Since the area has always been inhabited by Native Americans, the federal government granted it reservation status. Now, according to Canadian law, a reservation has a high degree of independence, which lets it pass its own laws pertaining to online scratch cards.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is definitely not the most popular licensor in the Americas anymore, but they’ve played an instrumental part in helping many offshore sites get their first taste of the limelight.

Even though the authorities we mentioned all have the same end goal, their rules and regulations might differ. So, topcanadiancasinos advises players to check the license before registering at any online casino.

If it checks out, you can then do some research about what the regulator permits. While this probably won’t affect your experience playing scratch cards online, it’s still nice to be prepared and know what you can and cannot do.

Online Scratch Cards Online

Advantages of Scratch Cards Online

Why should you play online scratch cards, anyway? These past few sections have indeed contained some compelling details, but we wanted to get through to the crux of this strange niche.

After playing through several variants and even trying some old school classics, we believe scratch cards online give you these benefits:

  • Your location doesn’t matter. Real-life cards almost always involve going out to a store or a gas station. And don’t even get us started about dirty fingers from the acrylic covering afterwards. Yuck! That’s why we believe online scratch cards are superior. You just log into your account, pick a card, and scratch away, regardless of where you are.
  • No need for big bets. Canadian online casinos are happy to go as low as $0.1 in terms of minimal bets. This is a great thing for everyone just looking to get their feet wet. Even with a minuscule budget, you will understand how everything works, and you might even win something. Start with instant win cards and experiment once your feet are firmly on the ground.
  • Massive potential wins. That’s perhaps the most amazing part about playing real money scratch cards. You can drop just a few cents and a single stroke of luck can turn that into a massive jackpot. Again, this depends on what type of card you’re scratching. If you want big wins, go for the lines-based cards.
  • Mobile play. Sure, you can play on your laptop or desktop computer, but online scratch cards are best meant for smartphones. Because you have a big screen, it actually feels like you’re scratching a real card - except it’s virtual! Many of the best Canadian scratch card sites have their own apps and mobile browser versions.
  • Lots of options. At your local corner store, a line scratch card is probably the most extravagant type you’ll find. However, online casinos can treat you to all sorts of fun content. From casino-themed cards to hybrid games, you can find just about anything nowadays.


  • Are online scratch cards a scam?

    No, online cards are not a scam! They are made by legitimate software developers and are subsequently audited and tested for fairness. If you’re playing at a licensed casino – the card you’re scratching is most definitely legit.

  • At which online casino can I play scratch cards?

    Almost every online casino offers real money scratch cards to its players. The number of games may vary, but you’ll always find something at Canadian sites.

  • Can I play scratch cards online free?

    Yes, of course! Many sites gladly allow players to practice and get to know the software a little better. This, however, depends from casino to casino.

  • What is the best online scratch card casino?

    Check our list once again. We may have our top pick, but the rankings are purely subjective. Try them out and pick the one you like the most.

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