RTP 99.59%
Max Multiplier 2x
RTP 99.59%
Max Multiplier 2x

Blackjack Review

Blackjack is an entertaining card game available in Canadian online casinos. This game features multiple variants. You play Blackjack online Canada with varying sized card-decks.

While this injects variety in online Blackjack Canada, the overall goal of the games is still the same. The winner is the one with the hand closest to 21 as possible, without going over.

There are many reasons players like Blackjack and why you need to check it out. For starters, Blackjack is a game of skill.

You can learn different strategies that will improve your prowess and, ultimately, your odds of winning.

Blackjack also has fantastic return to player and house edge figures. You can improve on these by applying the perfect basic strategy and card counting.

Best online Blackjack Canada casinos

Online Blackjack Canada is a popular game. There’re many platforms where you can play. But not all online casinos are the same.

As with anything else, there are good ones and bad ones. We understand that this can be overwhelming, especially for new players.

But if you’re going to have an enjoyable experience, you need to play in the best Canadian real money casinos.

If you’re looking for the best online platforms to play Blackjack online Canada, then you’re in the right place. Start with the online gambling sites listed here.

These are tested by players, for players, and are confirmed safe. You need not worry at all when playing here. We have already done the hard work for you, leaving you to focus on your gaming.

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How to play step by step

Now, getting started in basic Blackjack is a breeze. There is nothing to it. In just a few simple steps, you’ll be up and running. We have listed these steps below.

1. Select your bets

The first step you need to take is to select your bets. The amount you need to put up will depend on the online casino you choose, and the variant of Blackjack you’re playing.

But you need to take care. There are no guarantees in online gambling. So, you need to be comfortable losing the amount you put up.

You’ll be presented with a selection of chips on the screen. Pick the ones which correspond to the amount you want to bet. At this point, you may also select any side bets you wish to make.

2. Cards are being dealt

While there are many variants of Blackjack, here we describe the standard game. Players can only wager within the betting period.

After this point, no further bets will be entertained. The dealer is in charge of dealing the cards. Each player at the table gets two cards in each hand.

The dealer also gets two cards, but one is face up. Players are allowed to look at their cards and decide on the next step.

If you’re playing this game the right way, your decision should be based on the optimal blackjack strategy.

Every card has it’s own value, check out the image below for all the different values.

Blackjack Values

3. Deciding on your next step

There are many decisions that you can make when playing Blackjack online. Some variants will give you options to surrender or buy insurance.

However, there are four common options that you’ll see across all Blackjack variants. We have discussed these below.

  • Hit – when you hit, the dealer gives you another card. The value of this card is added to the total of your hand.
  • Pass – you pass when you do not want any more cards. This implies that you’re comfortable with the hand total.
  • Double – you double when you put up a stake equal to your initial bet. The dealer will give you another card to make them three, and the value of your hand is determined.
  • Split – a split occurs when your initial hand has two cards of the same value. The split creates two separate hands and you need to wager the same amount as your initial bet.

4. The house continues

When all players have decided on their hands, it is now the dealer’s turn. Remember, one of the dealer’s cards is dealt face down.

It’ll be revealed at this point. Now, the next steps are determined by the value of the dealer’s hand. He may choose to hit until he gets 17 or more.

The game will dictate when the dealer can stop hitting. All this is in the hands of the dealer, and you need only to wait for the winner to be determined.

5. Deciding on the winner

There are a few scenarios that can take place in a game of Blackjack. The winner will always be the one that gets as close to 21 as possible without going over.

But sometimes both the dealer’s and the player’s hand are a tie. When this happens, all bets are a push, and you get your money back.

The player will win if they get a better hand, a natural Blackjack, or if the dealer busts. This will pay out 1:1.

If the player get’s a blackjack (when you hit an ace and a 10), the player is awarded 3:2.

Remember, the value of the player’s hand is determined first. If the player busts, the dealer wins automatically without showing their cards.

Blackjack Bonus


Sidebets are a fantastic way to get the most out of a game of Blackjack. But what are sidebets? Well, these are bets whose payout isn’t related to the outcome of the main game.

This means you can play Blackjack online Canada and win the sidebet but lose the game. This also applies the other way. Sidebets are also not universal.

Different variants of the best online Blackjack will feature a mix, or all of the sidebets listed here. That is why a clear understanding of these is key. Below, we go through some common sidebets you’ll come across.

Perfect pairs

The perfect pairs sidebet wagers on the chance of getting the same value cards on your initial hand. This sidebet pays out differently depending on the cards making up the perfect pair.

You can win up to 30:1 for an initial hand consisting of cards with the same rank and suit. Other winning hands in this sidebet include the colored pair and the mixed pair. These pay out 15:1 and 7:1 respectively.


The 21+3 sidebet applies to three cards. These are the two cards in your initial hand and the dealer’s up card.

What you’re wagering on here is that combining these cards will form a winning three-card poker hand.

The payout you’ll receive depends on how attractive the combination is. Some winning hands you can get in this sidebet include suited three of a kind, straight flush, and three of a kind.

Hot 3

Like the 21+3 sidebet, Hot 3 is also based on the two cards in the player’s initial hand and the dealer’s up-card.

Here, payouts are determined by the number of points made by combining these cards. You win if you get 19 to 21 points.

But there’s more to it. Two more outcomes have generous payouts. A suited 21 pays out 20:1, while three 7s will earn you a staggering 100:1.

Bust It

Here, you’re betting on the dealer to bust, it is as simple as that. You place the bets along with others when the game begins.

There is some nitty-gritty to this wager that can earn you higher rewards. The margin of the bust also needs to be considered, and the value and suit of the dealer’s hand.

The most generous payout comes when the dealer busts with a suited 8, 8, 8. You get 200:1.

Six Card Charlie

The Six Card Charlie can earn an automatic win. Whether it’ll prevail against a dealer Blackjack depends on the version of online Blackjack you’re playing.

In this sidebet, you’re staking that you can get six cards in your hand without busting. Busting is when you go over 21.

Players like this bet for much more than just the potential payout. It lowers the house edge to just 0.16%.

Blackjack Online

Final Words

When it comes to casino games, only a few have been able to marry luck and skill with complete success. Blackjack stands out as one of the most successful examples of this. That helped it grow and become one of the most popular online casino games on almost any website.

If you play smart and follow a strategy, you can improve your odds of winning. Luck still plays a role, so players cannot guarantee they will win each round. However, you will see a distinct improvement if you play well.

Blackjack can seem intimidating at first glance. However, the core gameplay loop is simple once you get the hang of it. The goal of every blackjack round is to land on exactly twenty-one points.

If neither side achieves this, then the hand closest to twenty-one wins the round. You start the round by placing your bets. Select one of the chips, and place the amount you want to play. After you are satisfied with your bet, press deal.

The computer will draw two cards for the player and two cards for itself as the dealer. As the player, you can see your two cards and the dealer’s face-up card. However, you cannot see the computer’s other card.

Based on these factors, players have to decide if they want to hit, pass, double or split their hand. Each option should be considered in specific circumstances.

We recommend using a basic blackjack strategy to pick your next move. After you finish playing, the computer will draw additional cards if needed. Then, your hands will be compared. The side closest to twenty-one wins the round.

Alongside the main bet, blackjack features several side bets. Each side bet gives you a chance to score a bigger win than usual. However, all of these side bets have a much lower chance to win than the main bet.

You can play them for fun, but optimal blackjack gameplay does not include any of them. The most popular side bets are perfect pairs, 21+3, Hot 3, Bust it, and Six Card Charlie.


  • Are online Blackjack games fair?

    Yes, the best online Blackjack games are fair. They have to be, for players to be confident enough to trust them with their hard-earned cash. Blackjack games are supplied by regulated companies which are monitored frequently. Random number generators, which ensure that outcomes are as close to pure chance as possible, drive these games.

    Apart from the supplier, the best online Blackjack games are hosted in casinos which are also held to account by the regulator. As part of this oversight role, online casinos are subjected to periodic audits to ensure that the games they host are safe for players.

  • Should I take a Blackjack insurance?

    No, you should not take insurance in Blackjack. This sidebet looks like a reasonable way to protect the downside, but it’s not. Just consider the odds and you’ll see what we mean. The dealer’s odds for getting a Blackjack with the Ace up card is 9:4. What this means is you’ll lose more than half of all insurance bets. Mind you, the payout is only 2:1. You’ll never break even. So, should you ever take insurance? Unless you’re a master card counter, we advise you to stay away from insurance bets in Blackjack.

  • What is the best Blackjack game online?

    There is no universal Blackjack game, the decision is entirely personal. You need to find what works for you and run with it. There are many versions of Blackjack in Canadian online casinos. European Blackjack, Double Exposure, Switch; you name it, it’s there. All these bring a special twist that endears players differently.

    But if you’re a new player and looking for where to start, then we can point you in the right direction. Classic Blackjack is a perfect starting point. Here, you have straightforward gameplay devoid of all the fancy gimmicks.

  • How can I increase my chances of winning with Blackjack online

    An excellent way to increase your chances of success in the best online Blackjack is to use basic strategy. This is outlined on the Blackjack cheat sheet. It gives you the ideal action you need to take with respect to the value of your hand and the dealer’s up card. Using the Blackjack cheat sheet is as easy as pie. Just match your total and the dealer’s upcard.

    Cheat sheets are perfect for online Blackjack Canada. You’re playing at home, separate from the casino floor. While using it may be frowned upon if you’re playing in real casinos, here, it does not matter.

  • Can I play Blackjack online free?

    Yes, you can play free online Blackjack in Canadian casinos. These sites play host to numerous variations which you can play for free. Online casinos provide demos to give players a chance to check out the titles on offer. To get started, you don’t even need to open an account. You can simply head over to the site, if you like what you see, you can then sign up.

    Free demos are only available for RNG games. You cannot play Blackjack online Canada for free in the live online lobby. The cost of setting up live games is too prohibitive.

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