MuchBetter Casino

MuchBetter is an award-winning eWallet tailored to meet the needs of gamers all over the world. Including online casino enthusiasts in Canada.

The payment app is easy to use and allows players to quickly make deposits and withdraw winnings. Moreover, they can enjoy fee-free deposits and cash out winnings without costs or with minimum fees.

MuchBetter digital wallet is an iGaming-friendly solution that also caters to online casino providers. So, it doesn’t surprise that the number of Canadian online casinos that accept MuchBetter in Canada is rising.

MuchBetter wallet gained traction among Canadian casino players for several good reasons. First, the service is available across 180 countries.

Second, more than 1 million users worldwide have selected MuchBetter as their preferred payment method. Why? Because it helps them manage everyday payments, shop online and offline, send and receive money, pay bills – all from a single login.

And yes, it allows gamers from Canada to fund online casino balances and cash out winnings hassle-free.

Next, MuchBetter is a cost-effective solution with none or minimum fees. And finally, this eWallet offers players the flexibility to choose different devices to make payments.

Online, offline, 1-click, prepaid card, smart wearables for contactless transactions – MuchBetter has it all. And anything you select to use is as easy as pie.

MuchBetter is a mobile payment solution. It means that you can deposit and withdraw from your favourite casinos with your smartphone.

You can sign up for free on the website or download the app from Google Play and App Store. Setting up an account is quick and easy.

The payment platform is super-secure with several layers of protection to prevent any suspicious activities.

It also offers several fashionable payment wearables. Contactless key fob, analog watch with payment chip, and even James Bond-like shirt with CashCuff.

So, MuchBetter is much more than just a payment app. The company offers various attractive and fun contactless payment devices that enable a world-class gaming experience. Agent 007’s style!

MuchBetter payment app was launched in 2017 by MIR Limited UK Ltd. The company set out to create a fun-to-use banking alternative for clients worldwide.

The team also focused on creating a reliable payment solution ideal for the global gaming industry. Finally, they wanted to develop an online payment platform that will appeal to the new Internet-savvy generations.

MuchBetter team managed to successfully mix all these “ingredients” and deliver a top-notch casino payment solution.

The company’s main motto is “Simple, safe, and rewarding.” But is MuchBetter payment method really “much better” than other similar digital solutions in the market? Providing maximum security, ease of use, lowest costs, and even rewarding its users?

We’ve decided to conduct a detailed “investigation” and deliver our honest and neutral opinion of MuchBetter.

We will walk you through all you need to know about this eWallet. How to set up an account, and deposit and withdraw from MuchBetter casino Canada.

You will also learn about MuchBetter fees, timeframes, and bonuses. We sincerely hope that this review will help you decide if MuchBetter may be your perfect online casino payment method.

In the end, let’s quote the company: “Why settle for better when you can get MuchBetter!”

Best MuchBetter Casino Canada 2024

We’ve mentioned earlier that MuchBetter gaming sites in Canada are flourishing. There are at least three good reasons for this: instant deposits, quick withdrawals, and low (or no) fees.

After testing hundreds of real money casinos, here is a list of the best MuchBetter casinos in Canada we’ve handpicked for you. Have fun!

Up to $400
150 Free Spins
Up to 200$
200 Free Spins
Up to 200$
+ Free Spins
Up to 500$
88 Free Spins
Up to $2000
100 Free Spins
Up to $220
170 Free Spins
100% up to $200
50 Free Spins
Up to $1500
150 Free Spins
Up to $500
150 Free Spins
Up to $2,500
200 Free Spins

How to create and use MuchBetter account

First, you need to understand that MuchBetter is not a direct bank transfer system. It’s not a payment gateway acting as a middleman opening the “door” to directly connect your bank account with the casino’s cashier section.

No, MuchBetter is an eWallet. Why is this important to know? Because you need to set up an account if you wish to use it at MuchBetter casino Canada. And we’ll walk you through the process step by step. Here we go.

Step 1: Open your free MuchBetter account

You can create an account on the official website by clicking the “Sign up” orange button in the top right-hand corner.

MuchBetter sign up

Or you can download the app directly from App Store or Google Play. Whatever you select is a straightforward, 3-step procedure.

Fill in the form by providing the phone number, email, personal data, address, and create a 4-digit passcode. Select the currency. You can use CAD, USD, and EUR.

Click the “Get MuchBetter Account”-button. You’ll receive an SMS with the 6-digit MuchBetter verification code, valid for 10 minutes. Enter it and continue.

Your MuchBetter account has been created! Finally, you’ll receive another text message with a link to download the app. Log in with your phone number and passcode.

Step 2: Verify your identity

You can start using the basic version of the app without completing ID verification. But, you won’t have access to all features and perks.

If you wish to unlock the full version for even more benefits and higher limits (the basic version allows up to $320), complete the authentication.

The procedure even brings additional 25 MegaDraw points, boosting your chances of becoming one of four lucky winners to pocket $12,500.

MuchBetter sign up
ID verification requires a valid document, preferably a driving license or passport. Select the document and use the in-app feature to scan and upload the image.

Finally, take a selfie, send it, and they will analyze your biometric data. MuchBetter will notify you in an SMS that your documents are under review. And, if everything is fine, you’ll receive confirmation within three days.

Step 3: Load your MuchBetter account

To start making transactions, you have to fund the wallet. Click the “Top up” (+) icon on the home screen and enter or select the amount you want to add.
MuchBetter sign up
Click the (+) icon again and chose the payment method you wish to use. Canadian gamers can select Interac e-Transfer, Interac Online, Flexepin (prepaid cash vouchers), Visa and Mastercard cards. The payment provider also offers cryptocurrencies BTC, LTC, ETH, and XRP.

For example, if you pick Interac, the app will redirect you to the Interac home screen to finalize the payment. If you select bank cards, you’ll need to choose the purpose of deposit: gaming or non-gaming.

The first option is the right one. It allows you to use funds for casino gaming and P2P (person-to-person) transactions. Then just enter your card details and confirm the transaction.

To load the account with cash, use the Flexepin voucher. The app even has a built-in store locator to find the nearest PoS to buy Flexepin prepaid cards.

Once you buy one, enter a 16-digit pin code to redeem the voucher, and that’s it.

Finally, if you select cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you will get a unique deposit address you need to copy and paste into your crypto wallet to finish the payment.


Pros and Cons of MuchBetter


MuchBetter was developed by a team of experienced and passionate people who know a lot about payments. Hands-on experience helped them understand the good and bad sides of various payment solutions.

As a result, the MuchBetter crew “imagined” an easier and safer way to handle online and offline transactions while earning rewards. Sounds Much Better than the rest!

MuchBetter eWallet is becoming one of the most popular banking methods at online casinos in Canada.

Now is the time to examine how and why this payment method managed to reach such widespread adoption among gamers and casino providers. And which advantages you can expect from MuchBetter online casinos.

  • Maximum security

    The team of fintech experts at MuchBetter are innovators. MuchBetter payment app, therefore, offers world-class security features.

    The platform goes one step further in protecting your personal and sensitive data. Device pairing, Face ID, Touch ID, real-time transaction monitoring, world’s first dynamic CVV code are some of the safety measures used.

    Forget about passwords or security questions. MuchBetter app is “bulletproof.”

  • Instant deposits

    If you decide to use MuchBetter at online casinos, you will benefit from real-time deposits.

    In other words, you can head straight to the casino lobby and start browsing the game categories. Not to forget that you can immediately grab some exciting casino promotions.

  • Speedy withdrawals

    MuchBetter app allows gamers to cash out their online gambling winnings. So, besides instant deposits, MuchBetter also facilitates quick withdrawals.

    A win-win situation. Being able to withdraw from the casino with the same payment method is important. It saves you time and money as you may end up paying unexpected fees with some other solution.

  • Various payment methods to top up the account

    MuchBetter allows Canadian players to load their MuchBetter eWallets with several options. These include a few popular digital payment methods in Canada.

    For example, you can fund the wallet using Interac e-Transfer, Interac Online, cryptocurrencies, bank cards, and cash with Flexepin vouchers.

  • Great rewards program

    The good people at MuchBetter didn’t just want to make payments straightforward. They wanted them to be more fun too.

    So, each time you top up your account, deposit at MuchBetter casino or send money to someone, you’ll earn MegaPoints. For every $10 casino deposit, you receive 1 point. Every $10 top-up you do brings you another 5 points.

    Collecting points is important because MuchBetter has the annual MuchBetter MegaDraw giveaway.

    In 2024, MuchBetter plans to reward its users with four quarterly cash prizes worth a staggering $12,500. So, will you be among four lucky MuchBetter users? Fingers crossed!

  • An excellent alternative for other eWallets

    You are probably well aware that some digital wallets are not eligible for claiming casino bonuses. We will not go into details about why Skrill and Neteller deposits are excluded from many casino promotions.

    But the fact is that you will need to skip lots of attractive offers if you use these eWallets at many gaming sites.

    So, why losing anything when you can have it all?! Yes, MuchBetter is the alternative that allows you to pick and choose casino offers you like.

  • Stylish Mastercard-branded payment devices

    We’ve already mentioned that MuchBetter boasts a wide range of fashionable contactless payment gadgets. One of them is a prepaid debit Mastercard, available as a key fob too.

    MuchBetter Mastercard allows you to load your casino balance with ease. All MuchBetter smart wearables are supported by Mastercard and function the same way as any other Mastercard payment card.

    In other words, you can use these smart devices wherever Mastercard cards are accepted.

Cons of MuchBetter

  • Not always a free payment method

    Although MuchBetter is a cost-effective platform, fees are somehow inevitable. In some cases, online casinos may charge you for withdrawing with MuchBetter.

    However, this is rare. But, we advise you always to read the casino’s Terms & Conditions and visit the banking page. Don’t be lazy and read the fine print too.

    Also, MuchBetter applies fees for specific deposit and withdrawal methods. Don’t worry; we’ll tell you all about MuchBetter costs in the following chapters. So, keep reading.

  • Not available at all Canada-facing casinos

    Well, this is not such a big argument against MuchBetter. There are other banking solutions that aren’t supported at all gaming venues too.

    The fact that MuchBetter isn’t a regular “guest” on banking pages of all Canadian casino sites limits the selection.

    However, the list of online casinos that accept e transfer isn’t short. So, this is not a big drawback after all.

Using MuchBetter at online casinos

Now that you’ve set up your MuchBetter account, it’s time to learn how to use MuchBetter at online casinos.

We’re sure there are many experienced players here who know the ins and outs of online casino deposits and withdrawals.

But, we are also sure that many online casino newbies are reading this too. We, therefore, prepared a detailed step-by-step guide about MuchBetter casino deposits and withdrawals.

To start, select one of the trustworthy MuchBetter casinos from the list we’ve provided on this page. And, we’ll help you get ready for the MuchBetter casino Canada party!

How to deposit with MuchBetter?

Step 1

First, make sure to add funds to your MuchBetter account by choosing one of the available payment options.

Step 2

Visit your preferred MuchBetter casino site, log in, or create an account if you don’t have one.

Step 3

MuchBetter casino deposit

Go to your profile and open the deposit page. Look for the MuchBetter logo. Click on it to select MuchBetter wallet as your preferred deposit method.

Step 4

MuchBetter casino deposit
Enter the amount you wish to deposit, your mobile phone number, and click to continue.

Step 5

Open the MuchBetter app and log in to see the transaction request from the casino.

Step 6

MuchBetter casino deposit

Verify the details and approve the payment request. That’s it. Enjoy the games!

How to withdraw with MuchBetter?

  • Step 1: Hopefully, lady luck will be on your side helping you visit your profile, but this time to open the withdrawal section.
  • Step 2: Check out the withdrawal options and select MuchBetter to cash out winnings.
  • Step 3: Type in the exact amount you wish to cash out. Request withdrawal to your mobile phone, but pay attention not to enter zeros before the number.
  • Step 4: Once the casino has processed your withdrawal request, the money will be credited to your MuchBetter account.

Transaction fees and withdrawal times

MuchBetter eWallet has several payment methods gamers from Canada can choose to add money to their accounts.

We’ve already mentioned them earlier. But now it’s time to check out which of these options are free and which ones incur costs. And how much.

You can top up the wallet with bank cards, Interac e-Transfer, Interac Online, Flexepin, and cryptocurrencies. Interac e-Transfer and Flexepin deposits to your MuchBetter wallet are free.

However, if you select Interac Online, you will pay a 3.5% fee. For digital currency deposits, MuchBetter will charge you a 2% fee. And finally, adding funds with Visa and Mastercard incur a 1% fee.

If you wish to withdraw funds from the wallet to your bank account, MuchBetter’s fees range from 0%-5%, depending on the country.

But, withdrawing funds using Interac e-Transfer is definitely free. MuchBetter charges withdrawals with cryptocurrency 2%.

The company also charges a 0.99% conversion rate. Finally, if you use MuchBetter Mastercard to collect cash via ATMs, you will pay a 0.99% fee.

We have to conclude that all these fees are pretty reasonable. Moreover, the company offers a unique commercial model to casino providers that minimize payment processing costs.

It means that the vast majority of casino sites won’t apply charges for MuchBetter transactions. At the same time, MuchBetter has high deposit acceptance rates.

This is important for both players and providers as it guarantees that deposits will be successful. And we have one of the answers to why more and more online casinos have been adding MuchBetter on their cashier pages.

Speaking of time frames, MuchBetter deposits are instant. But, withdrawals last a little bit longer. Remember that online casinos have different processing times.

Some casinos will process MuchBetter withdrawal requests within an hour, but others will need 24 hours. Anyhow, cashing out winnings with MuchBetter is pretty fast.

If you decide to withdraw funds from your MuchBetter account to your bank account, this transaction usually lasts 1-5 business days.

MuchBetter online casino bonuses

Apart from being easy to use, cheap and fast, MuchBetter brings even more benefits to online casino players. Yes, you can claim multiple casino bonuses and attractive promotions.

With so many online gambling sites accepting MuchBetter deposits, providers are trying to appeal to both new and existing players. It means that casinos are trying to come up with exciting and tempting offers gamers can’t resist.

MuchBetter real-time deposits qualify you for a plethora of casino bonuses. Welcome packages, daily & weekly promos, free spins, cashback, reload bonuses, slot tournaments, VIP programs, live dealer offers. MuchBetter deposits allow you to claim any of these tasty casino boosts.

To give you an idea of what you can expect, we’ve selected the top three MuchBetter casino bonuses. Enjoy!

#1 Goodman Casino

Goodman Casino
Up to $500
150 Free Spins
MuchBetter Casino
MuchBetter Casino
MuchBetter Casino
MuchBetter Casino Bitcoin
MuchBetter Casino Creditcard
MuchBetter Casino
  • Bitcoin Casino
  • Over 5,000 games
  • Excellent live casino

Goodman Casino has prepared an exciting welcome package for all newcomers.

The promotion gives new players a signup bonus worth up to $500 +150 free spins!

#2 Kosmonaut Casino

Kosmonaut Casino
Up to $500
100 Free Spins
MuchBetter Casino
MuchBetter Casino
MuchBetter Casino
MuchBetter Casino Bitcoin
MuchBetter Casino Creditcard
MuchBetter Casino
  • Extensive jackpot section
  • Excellent live casino
  • Bitcoin Casino

Kosmonaut Casino welcomes new players with a generous welcome bonus.

Sign up to get a $500 + 100 free spins to get started playing some games!

#3 Rapid Casino

Rapid Casino
Not available to players
Up to $1000
600 Free Spins
MuchBetter Casino
MuchBetter Casino
MuchBetter Casino
MuchBetter Casino
MuchBetter Casino Creditcard
  • High quality slot section
  • $10 minimum deposit
  • Beautiful website design
Play Now

Rapid Casino receives first-time players with an exciting casino bonus.

Be sure to sign up quickly to receive a welcome bonus worth up to $1000 + 300 free spins!

Final Words

MuchBetter is an eWallet designed to suit the needs of online casino players. It caters to both gamers and casino operators.

The company has already won multiple awards. The most prestigious ones are two recognitions for Innovation in Payments Solution at EGR B2B Awards.

The annual award ceremony celebrates the best businesses servicing the iGaming industry. Therefore, MuchBetter is one of the most reputable payment methods you can use at online casinos worldwide, including Canada.

You’ll find many MuchBetter online casinos in Canada with ease. The list is long. So, we’ve carefully assessed all of them to present you on this page the best Canadian MuchBetter casino sites.

MuchBetter payment app is easy to use. It has no or minimum fees, supports several payment options popular in Canada and the local currency.

So, no currency conversion fees, ladies and gents! You can use Interac, Flexepin, Visa, Mastercard and several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Creating an account is a straightforward 3-step process. The main benefits of using MuchBetter at Canadian casinos are security, real-time deposits, and quick withdrawals.

Also, the deposit acceptance rate for MuchBetter is pretty high. It means that you don’t have to worry about unsuccessful transactions. Just make sure you have sufficient funds in the account. That’s it.

If you’re funding the casino balance with MuchBetter, you’re most definitely qualify for many casino bonuses. Find the top MuchBetter casino promotions for players in Canada on this page. Yes, the topcanadiancasinos team has already done its homework.

MuchBetter also offers a specific commercial model to casino providers that significantly reduces processing fees. In other words, casinos won’t charge you for payments with MuchBetter eWallet.

Finally, if you keep depositing with MuchBetter, you may end up winning attractive cash prizes. The company rewards its loyal iGamers through the MegaDraw campaign. So, paying with MuchBetter is not just easy but rewarding too.

If you’re still not convinced, let us tell you that more than 120 casino providers team up with MuchBetter. We’ll mention a few well-known casino providers. LeoVegas, Genesis, 888casino, and Casumo. Are you convinced now?


  • What is the best online casino that accepts MuchBetter?

    Well, the answer to this question is pretty subjective. It depends mainly on your gaming preferences.

    The good news is that we’ve listed on this page a number of trustworthy, well-known casino brands that accept MuchBetter deposits and support MuchBetter withdrawals.

    Selecting the best casino is not an easy task. You need to check out the casino games lobby, promotions, customer support, licences, and, of course, Terms & Conditions.

    However, you don’t need to do this on your own. We’ve already rated the best MuchBetter casinos on this page. So, scroll up, select the one that most appeals to you and enjoy.

  • Does every casino accept Interac?

    This payment method is only available at Canadian online casinos. That said, not all gambling sites offer it as a deposit or withdrawal method.

  • Does every casino accept deposits with MuchBetter?

    No, not every online casino has MuchBetter on the banking page. But, many casino sites display the MuchBetter logo among deposits and withdrawal methods.

    And the number of gaming venues with MuchBetter “on board” is growing. So, you won’t have a problem finding the most appealing casino site that accepts MuchBetter deposits. Just take a look at our list, take a pick, and have fun.

  • Are casinos that accept MuchBetter safe and trustworthy?

    MuchBetter online casinos we’ve handpicked here are all safe and reliable gaming sites. We are examining them thoroughly.

    Furthermore, MuchBetter is a renowned payment brand and a trading name for MIR Limited UK Ltd. The company is a member of the Electronic Money Association and has an eMoney Licence issued by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

    It means that such a reputable brand doesn’t cooperate with rogue casinos. So, the answer to the question is – yes, they are.

    But, it’s always a good idea to double-check the casino and the license(s) displayed in the footer before you open the cashier page. And your MuchBetter wallet.

  • How can I withdraw my money in a MuchBetter casino?

    Withdrawing with MuchBetter is straightforward. First, visit the banking page and select MuchBetter as a preferred withdrawal method.

    Then, enter the amount you wish to cash out and type in your mobile phone number without zeros before the number. Submit the request. As soon as the casino processes the transaction, the money will be credited to your MuchBetter account.

  • Is there any transaction fee for deposits with MuchBetter?

    No, online casinos don’t charge any processing fees for deposits with MuchBetter. However, be aware that MuchBetter applies fees for funding your MuchBetter account and withdrawing money from it.

    The amounts depend on the payment method used to top up the wallet and the country of residence. So, the best way to find out how much you’ll pay for loading the balance is to visit the official website or check out in the app.

  • Are MuchBetter online casinos in Canada legit?

    We’ve mentioned above that MuchBetter is a payment brand operated by MIR Limited UK Ltd. The company is supervised by the FCA.

    It is also authorized to issue MuchBetter Mastercard cards according to a license from Mastercard international.

    All this information points out that we’re speaking about a serious company who also boasts several rewards.

    So, again, such a high-profile company wouldn’t partner with illegal online casinos anywhere in the world, including Canada. If you have any doubts regarding specific casinos, take a look at our selection of MuchBetter gaming sites.