Double Ball Roulette
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 97.3%
Max Multiplier 1300x
Double Ball Roulette
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 97.3%
Max Multiplier 1300x
Double Ball Roulette Review

Double Ball Roulette Review

What’s better than using one ball when playing your favourite Roulette game? The short answer is two balls!

Double Ball Roulette, a first-ever of its kind, lives up to its name by making use of not one but two balls to play the unique Roulette variant.

Created by Evolution Gaming, an award-winning live games software developer, players can also expect double the chances of winning, and of course, double the fun from playing the game.

Based on European Roulette, Double Ball Roulette follows the same gameplay but uses slightly different rules and betting options.

Innovation is Evolution Gaming’s middle name. It’s clear that the software legend is working overtime to cement its status and keep gamers entertained with some live casino entertainment.

Where to play Double Ball Roulette?

To enjoy this action-packed and fun-filled game, you need to look for a online casino offering Evolution Gaming.

While offering the entertaining game is a bonus, there are other factors you need to consider before pledging allegiance with a particular casino.

Check out of the casino is licensed, offers attractive casino bonuses, fair wagering conditions, rewarding promotions, a wide game selection backed by leading software providers, and reputable payment platforms.

Admittedly, that’s a lot of work to get through for any gamer, especially if you’re new to the online gaming world. But vetting online casinos using a strict criterion is our specialty.

So, you can trust that any online online gambling site appearing on our list has excelled where the mentioned factors are concerned. Why not do yourself a favour, save on time, and pick one?

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How to Play Double Ball Roulette?

Double Ball Roulette, though almost identical to your regular Live Roulette, comes with a few interesting twists and turns.

But if you’ve played European Roulette before, you won’t have a hard time wrapping your head around the new rules.

To start with, the game uses two balls which automatically changes the betting options, and ultimately the way players can win. That’s because two balls determine your outcome instead of one.

The game uses the standard Roulette wheel numbered 1-36 with a single zero pocket. At the beginning of a game round, players have the opportunity to place one or more bets while observing the betting limits.

The betting round lasts about a minute. Regarding betting options, players can either place Inside bets namely Straight, Split, Street, Corner, or Line.

With standard Roulette, the ball needs to land on your predicted number for you to win. That means you only have one shot at winning.

But with Double Ball Roulette, to win an Inside bet, at least one of the two balls needs to land on your chosen number.

So, you have two shots to win the game! However, when it comes to Outside bets, the game plays out a little differently.

Both balls must land on your chosen group of numbers to win. It, therefore, makes sense why Outside bets payouts are more generous, as we’ll outline a little later.

Aside from Inside and Outside bets, players can also use the race track to place Call bets and Neighbour bets. But the payouts from these bets are the same as that of Inside bets.

After you place your bets, you can decide to press the Spin Now button to get the wheel to start spinning. Or, you can choose to wait for the dealer to spin the wheel for you automatically.

If you go with the latter, the live dealer places two balls into the firing mechanism.

After the betting round is complete, the dealer compresses the switch to release the two balls into the wheel. Winners receive their payments, and the game round ends.

Double Ball Roulette Bonus

Double Ball Roulette features & betting options

Since Double Ball follows the European Roulette gameplay, you’re met with a familiar studio setup to get you settled in.

The game is streamed in exceptional video quality, as is the standard with all Evolution-powered live games. But you have the option to pick from three video options.

For your gaming convenience, the game is streamed to your desktop or mobile, whichever you prefer.

Multiple camera feeds are available to give you a clearer picture of the game action, including when the balls are launched.

The gaming interface is pretty intuitive. You’ll find easily recognizable icons and a discrete menu button that displays the game stats.

The compelling visuals and clear sound effects, including a drum roll if both balls land in a pocket, make for realistic live casino gaming.

Because two balls are the game’s most outstanding feature, we’ll unpack it a little more.

You might be wondering how they manage to stop the balls from hitting each other and consequently affecting the game outcome.

Well, Double Ball Roulette uses compressed air to shoot the game at the same time, but the second ball will always trail the first ball by just a fraction of a second.

As a result, the first ball will always land in a segment or pocket first. But while this may be so, it’s very much possible for two balls to land on the same number or pocket.

And this describes the main highlight of the game, known as the Double Ball bet, where you can potentially bag huge payouts.

If both your balls happen to land on a single number, your winnings are doubled. In short, you win the same bet twice! If both balls land on your chosen number that you predicted, you’ve hit the jackpot!

Payouts with Double Ball Roulette are a bit different compared to other Roulette variants and are as follows:

  • Two balls landing on your same chosen number – 1300:1
  • Two balls landing on a single number – 35:1
  • Straight – 17:1
  • Split – 8:1
  • Column – 8:1
  • Dozen – 8:1
  • Street – 5:1
  • Corner – 3.5:1
  • Even/Odd – 3:1
  • High/Low – 3:1
  • Red – 3:1
  • Black – 3:1
  • Line – 2:1
  • Red/Black – 1:1
Double Ball Roulette Online

Double Ball Roulette RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

Auto Roulette has a theoretical RTP of 97.3%, which places the house edge at 2.70%, making the game favourable to players.

You don’t need to break the bank to participate in this exciting game. A minimum wager of $0.25 is all that’s required to kickstart the game.

To accommodate gamers with different bankrolls, and the maximum stake depends on the online casino in question, but it is usually around $8,000.

Double Ball Roulette hints and tips

Double Ball Roulette is just like any casino game where winning the game is based on luck more than anything else.

But there’s no rule prohibiting players from playing the game backed with a few hints, tips, and tricks. When you decide to play this game, you can either make one of two decisions.

The first strategy is to go with a low variance approach, where you concentrate on placing Inside bets which give more chances of winning but lower payouts.

Or, you could take a riskier approach and concentrate on Outside bets, where the chances of winning are slim, but payouts are high.

If you prefer placing safe bets, then go with the line bets where your payout is doubled if you win.

But with a 1300:1 payout at stake, at some point, you’ll need to take the risk and place a Double Ball bet.

While landing two balls on your chosen number seems like a tough move to pull off, if it does happen, you’ll walk away a jackpot winner.

After all, that’s the main highlight of the game, right? Amidst all these tips, don’t forget to set betting limits that you’re comfortable with and stick to them.

Final Thoughts

Double Ball Roulette is the first Roulette game on the market that uses two balls to play the game. Playing with two balls means you have twice the chance to win, especially if you place Inside bets.

If you place a Double Ball bet, and your lucky stars align, you can win the jackpot. By playing this game, players can expect superb graphics, fast-paced action, an intuitive gaming interface, and huge payouts.

Evolution Gaming’s attention to detail when designing the game, including the exciting additional features makes Double Ball Roulette a winner in our books.

So, are you willing to give the game a try? You decide.

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