Infinite Blackjack
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 99.51%
Max Multiplier 250x
Infinite Blackjack
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 99.51%
Max Multiplier 250x
Infinite Blackjack Review

Infinite Blackjack Review

Infinite Blackjack, also known as Evolution Infinite Blackjack, is a variation of the classic table game designed to make live card games more enjoyable.

The poeple from Evolution Gaming sets the pace when it comes to creating high-quality, user-friendly games comprising innovative and latest technology.

This time around, the software studio catered to players looking to enjoy their favourite table game on a budget by creating this low bet limit variation.

You no longer have to wait for the availability of seats with Infinite Blackjack. For the player’s convenience, the new variant is available to an unlimited number of players.

Overall, Infinite Blackjack represents everything Evolution stands for, including increased scalability, and intuitive gaming.

Where to play Infinite Blackjack?

Infinite Blackjack is available at most online casinos powered by Evolution software.

If you know anything about this leading game developer, you’re aware of how it dominates a large share of the gaming market.

Chances are high that countless real money casinos are offering this budget-friendly game. While you obviously can’t play the game at all the online casinos, it means you’ll have to choose one.

To make a sound decision, you’ll have to factor in aspects such as the online casino’s bonus offers, promotions, payout time frames, and overall security.

That means conducting thorough research before you can arrive at your decision, which can be time-consuming.

A much easier option for you is to simply take your pick from our list of recommended online gambling sites that went through a comprehensive vetting process.

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How to Play Infinite Blackjack?

Infinite Blackjack is a modification of the classic game Blackjack that many players have grown to love.

To avoid confusing or frustrating the player, the game uses the same set of rules, save for a few additions.

The only major differences, as highlighted earlier, are the low betting limits and an unlimited number of seats.

Just like classic Blackjack, the aim of the game is for a player to score the highest number of points in any given round which is close to, but not exceeding 21.

Like with standard Blackjack, 21 numbered cards are all worth their face value. An Ace is counted as 1 or 11 depending on the card values in your hand and all picture cards count as 10.

The dealer uses the standard 8 decks of cards and gives each player two cards, as is the case with traditional Blackjack.

The standard Stand, Hit, Double, Hit, or Split decisions apply. If your total value of cards is less than 21, you can choose to stand, meaning you can stick with the cards you already have.

Or, you can decide to “Hit” which means taking another card. But if you take another card and the total value exceeds 21, you lose.

The notable rule that makes Infinite Blackjack stand out from the classic table game is the Six Card Charlie rule.

In essence, if you manage to line up a total of six cards without exceeding 21, you can win the game even if the dealer winds up with 21.

Also, while players can place their bets using the standard Stand, Hit, Double Down, or Insurance bets, Infinite Blackjack adds four optional side bets to give players an extra chance to win.

These additional side bets are as follows:

  • Hot 3 Side Bet
  • 21 + 3 Side Bet
  • Any Pair Bet
  • Bust it Bet
Infinite Blackjack Bonus

Infinite Blackjack features & betting options

What makes Infinite Blackjack appealing is that players don’t have to wait for a seat to open up. You’re always guaranteed a seat at the table.

The game is streamed in full high definition for an engaging gaming experience. Infinite Blackjack is played on a simple and easy to navigate surface, and the layout is pretty straightforward.

You’ll find the total wager amount, your user name, and total card value displayed on the screen for increased transparency.

Since you’ll be the only player seating at the table, the studio has one available betting area as well as the additional four side bets.

You can choose to interact with the dealer via the live chat option.

However, we advise you to do so only when necessary and always keep the interactions polite or you risk being booted out from the game.

You’ll have multiple camera angles to give you a closer and clearer view of the game while in progress.

Although some gamers believe the cameras are a bit much as only one camera focusing on the table and the other on the dealer are necessary.

Of course, that’s highly subjective. Nonetheless, most players are likely to be impressed by how the camera angles automatically adjust each time they detect a weak internet connection.

As mentioned, the Six Card Charlie rule is the key feature in Infinite Blackjack to afford players more winning opportunities.

With Infinite Blackjack, the following payout rules apply:

  • Natural Blackjack – 3:2
  • Six Charlie rule – 1:1
  • Win – 1:1

If you choose to participate in optional side bets, the payouts are as follows:

21 + 3

  • Suited Trips – 100:1
  • Straight Flush – 35:1
  • Three of a Kind – 25:1
  • Straight – 8:1
  • Flush – 5:1

Any Pair

  • Suited Pair – 20:1
  • Pair – 7:1

Hot 3

  • Three 7s – 100:1
  • Suited 21 – 20:1
  • 21 Points – 4:1
  • 20 Points – 2:1
  • 19 Points – 1:1

Bust It

  • 8 or more cards – 250:1
  • 7 – 100:1
  • 6 – 25:1
  • 5 – 8:1
  • 4 – 2:1
  • 3 – 1:1
Infinite Blackjack Online

Infinite Blackjack RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

Blackjack is among the easiest games to play, giving players the best odds of winning, and has a house edge of just under 1%.

It follows that the Infinite Blackjack version is also a simple card game with a high RTP, making it favourable to players regardless of your gambling experience.

The main game has a 99.51% RTP, much higher compared to the classic 7 seat table Blackjack. The high RTP is largely a result of the Six Card Charlie rule.

Different side bets, however, attract a different RTP as follows:

  • 21 + 3 side bet – 96.3%
  • Pairs side bet – 95.9%
  • Hot 3 side bet – 94.6%
  • Bust it – 93.82%

To play the game, you can wager as little as $1 and as high as $10,000 depending on your pocket.

Infinite Blackjack hints and tips

Infinite Blackjack, just like most Blackjack games, is fairly simple to play, and the rules are easy to grasp.

Be that as it may, you can still decide to jump in prepared by reading up on a few known strategies to win the game.

As long as you realize that regardless of the strategy you choose, winning the game is not a given.

A worthwhile tip is to consult the paytable before making your bet. Using a cheat sheet is another known strategy that you can employ, especially if you’re new to Blackjack.

In any case, while you can see the dealer, he or she can’t see you. Using the sheet effectively has proved to bring down the house edge of the game to at least 0.5%.

Lastly, always bring a sharp and focused mind to the game. Focus on your cards and avoid any distractions.

Also, create a budget and set betting limits before you start gaming and play within their confines.

Final Thoughts

If you love the classic blackjack, we have no doubt you’ll enjoy Infinite Blackjack. The new Evolution Gaming variant gives players the relaxing table card game experience they know and love.

However, the innovative studio takes it a step further by including the rewarding Six Card Charlie rule, more side betting options, and more winning opportunities.

The improved card game also offers players more gaming convenience. You don’t have to wait for six other players to sit at the table before you can start betting away.

The gaming interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Since Infinite Blackjack is the brainchild of Evolution Gaming, players are guaranteed a high-quality game.

Stake limits between $1 and $10,000 also mean you can play the card game according to your budget.

Canadians can, therefore, enjoy Infinite Blackjack without having to break the bank.

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