Speed Baccarat
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 98.94%
Max Multiplier 200x
Speed Baccarat
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 98.94%
Max Multiplier 200x
Speed Baccarat Review

Speed Baccarat Review

Speed Baccarat is a snappy and energetic Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat variant that’s perfect for millennials and players who’re on a tight schedule.

Standard Baccarat rounds are completed in 48 seconds, which is quite fast in itself.

Speed Baccarat, on the other hand, is played in no more than 27 seconds, which allows players to enjoy 25% more rounds within a online gambling session and potentially generate more winnings.

Popular among recreational players and high rollers alike, Speed Baccarat accommodates a wide bet spread.

The game also allows you to place enjoy four unique side bets that can boost your winnings to 200x.

Where to play Speed Baccarat?

It’s often too easy to assume that the big names in online casino gaming will provide the best live casino gaming experiences.

True, these industry giants usually have more experience and resources to offer better deals.

Some smaller online casinos may, however, offer some modern, innovative features. It’s, therefore, vital to shop around a bit to figure out what your best options are.

Online casinos that provide a generous casino sign up bonus that’s unhindered by cumbersome terms and conditions allow you to get better mileage from your initial bankroll.

Below is our top 4 online casinos with Speed Baccarat.

Top 4 Speed Baccarat Casino’s

Up to $1600
+ Free Spins
Up to 1000$
Free Spins
Up to $400
150 Free Spins
100% up to 00
120 Free Spins

How to Play Speed Baccarat?

Some Baccarat players prefer to move from one round to the next as quickly as possible.

Evolution Gaming obliges such players with not only cutting down the time available for placing bets but also getting the dealer to speak faster.

Speed Baccarat dealers also take the least possible time to announce game results and deal a fresh set of cards.

Speed Baccarat rules are pretty much similar to the standard Baccarat game rules.

If you’re not already familiar with the standard Baccarat rules, check out our in depth baccarat review.

Your primary objective is to land a 3-card hand that has the highest single-digit value. 7, 8, and 9 are examples of good hands.

Putting aside side bets, you can bet in any one of three ways:

  • Banker bet, this means you’re betting against your own hand.
  • Player bet, this means you’re betting in favour of your hand winning.
  • Tie bet, this means you’re betting for equal value hands.

The last one is the least likely result, but can be quite lucrative if you make a correct prediction.

Each Speed Baccarat round starts with a betting period, where players select their desired coin value and place it on the bet they want to make.

Placing your bet is simple—just click and drag the desired chips into the betting zones.

It’s vital to be quick about it though, as the Speed Baccarat timer is much faster than what you get on other Live Baccarat tables. Players only have a 12-second betting window.

If you aren’t sure which bets to make, the game user interface allows you to see which bets other players are making.

When every player is done placing their bets, the dealer will draw two cards each for the player and the banker. To save time, all the cards are drawn face-up on each round.

The side that comes up with a hand that’s closest to 9 will win the round.

If neither side wins in the first round, the player may draw another card. This can, however, only happen when their hand had a value of 5 or less.

If the sum of the player and banker’s hand is below 8, the banker automatically draws another card from the shoe.

As with all Evolution Gaming live games, you can track your betting history on the bottom right corner of the page.

You can also use the re-bet button to speed up your betting even more.

Speed Baccarat Bonus

Speed Baccarat features & betting options

As we mentioned earlier, Speed Baccarat uses standard game rules and a 8 card decks shoe.

In addition to the standard Player/Banker/Tie bets, you’ll find plenty of side bets that have bigger potential returns.

These side bets include the Either Pair, which delivers a 5:1 payout and the Player and Banker Pair, which pays out 11:1.

The Perfect Pair has a potential payout of 25:1 or 200:1, depending on whether you find two identical cards in one or both hands.

Place your bet on the Player Bonus or Banker Bonus and you’ll be able to win with 30:1 odds if your hand wins by at least 4 points or with a natural 8 or 9.

It has to be mentioned though that a real money casino can choose to remove the side bets.

The Speed Baccarat casino floor is streamed to your PC or mobile device from Evolution Gaming’s studios around Europe. The studios have an upmarket feel, and are hosted by well-dressed, professional dealers.

Depending on your internet speed and device capabilities, you can choose a classic view or a more immersive 3D view.

Speed Baccarat has an intelligent user interface that’ll have you thinking you’re sitting at a real brick-and-mortar casino table.

Even the betting zones and virtual chips feel true to life. You can also adjust the volume and video quality.

To get the best viewing and gaming experience, players can stretch the video feed over the entire screen and leave the betting controls on the bottom quarter.

As Speed Baccarat is more about speed than immersive quality, there’s no option to access multiple camera angles.

While it may be challenging to type and communicate with the live dealer during a game that’s as quick-paced as Speed Baccarat, Evolution Gaming still added a live chat feature.

Speed Baccarat Online

Speed Baccarat RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

As we mentioned earlier, you can place one of three bets when you’re playing Speed Baccarat.

Banker bets pay slightly less but are more likely to win. They have a potential return of 0.95:1. Player bets pay evens, but they are less likely to win compared to banker bets.

Tie bets are the least likely to win, but on the off chance that you call the bet accurately, you’ll get a return of 8:1.

Speed Baccarat allows a wide range of bet sizes, from $1 to $5,000, to suit every budget and game strategy.

Players can, therefore, have a maximum normal bet return of $40,000 from a $5,000 Tie bet.

Speed Baccarat also boasts an RTP of 98.94%, which is one of the highest you’ll get with online casino games.

The game also features side bets, which ramp up the potential return threshold but slightly drop the RTP.

  • The Player or Banker Pair, has an 11:1 payout and an RTP of 89.64%.
  • The Perfect Pair, has a 25:1 or 200:1 payout and an RTP of 91.95%.
  • The Either Pair, pays 5:1 and has an RTP of 86.29%.

Speed Baccarat hints and tips

Speed Baccarat is generally a game of chance. As such, the use of strategies to beat the house will likely yield minimal results.

The first step to enjoying a more lucrative Speed Baccarat gaming session is to play using bonus money. Using bonus money also allows you to play more often and get more familiar with the game, rules, and bets.

Another great tip is to always go for the Banker bet, which has a relatively low house advantage.

While it may offer a significantly higher potential return, it’s best to avoid the tie bet. It’s also beneficial to play at a trustworthy real money casino.

It’d be unfortunate to receive a lower payout or fail to cash out when you manage to win.

Whether you’re playing Speed Baccarat or any other game, it’s vital to know your limits and make sure that you don’t exceed them.

The re-bet feature allows you to save time, so use it if you want to play the same bet multiple times.

Finally, if you have any questions, simply drop them in the live chat section.

Final Thoughts

Speed Baccarat is a live casino game from Evolution Gaming that provides incredibly quick-paced casino action.

The game is played using standard Baccarat rules, which makes it easy to understand for newbies and a natural choice for experienced players.

Thanks to its rounds that are concluded within 27 seconds, Speed Baccarat is the perfect game for players who’d like to get in as many rounds as possible and experience high levels of adrenaline in a short period.

With decent side-betting opportunities that offer up to 200x your stake and an overall RTP of 98.94%, Speed Baccarat can also be quite rewarding.

The game is streamed from upmarket Evolution Gaming studios, with a video feed that adapts to players’ bandwidth and connection speeds.

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