Super Sic Bo
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 97.22%
Max Multiplier 1000x
Super Sic Bo
Software Evolution Gaming
RTP 97.22%
Max Multiplier 1000x
Super Sic Bo Review

Super Sic Bo Review

Super Sic Bo is Evolution Gaming‘s take on a casino game that has withstood the test of time and remained a player-favourite.

While some Canadians are drawn to the flashing lights and catchy tunes of online slot machines, some prefer the challenge of Sic Bo.

The objective of this game, as well as regular Sic Bo, is to predict the outcome of three rolled dice. Super Sic Bo, however, features a few twists and turns that add loads of excitement to the online gambling experience.

For one, a random multiplier feature boosts your payout by as much as 1,000 your stake. With this Evolution gaming live title, players will also discover that there’s such a thing as a dice game strategy.

Where to play Super Sic Bo?

There are so many live casino games to check out, but if you’re looking for a wild rollercoaster ride, then Super Sic Bo is the perfect choice for you.

You can find the live dealer title at any Evolution Gaming-powered gaming site and enjoy an interactive gaming experience with big winning opportunities.

Choosing the best Canadian online casino may, however, prove to be a challenge for most players.

Besides having Super Sic Bo in their live casino sections, our recommended online casinos provide a wider range of gaming options to boost your chances of winning.

They also offer a wider range of casino bonuses and promotions to keep your bankroll filled to the brim.

We’ve also meticulously verified the legitimacy of each casino, so you’re guaranteed to play at a licensed, safe, and reputable casino.

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How to Play Super Sic Bo?

Super Sic Bo is an immersive luck-based live dealer casino game in which players bet on the outcome of 3 standard dice.

As can be expected, the dice feature the numbers 1 to 6. The randomness of each outcome is guaranteed, as Evolution Gaming is licensed and audited by several reputable regulators.

Highly-skilled live hosts guide you through the game, so even if it’s your first time playing Super Sic Bo, you’ll thoroughly enjoy yourself.

Before the game starts, players get to place their bets. The main focus of the game is the glass dome with a vibrating bottom, in which the 3 dice are automatically rolled.

Once the vibration plate stops, the dice settle and reveal the winning numbers, which is what happens with standard Sic Bo.

The game mechanism is simple, but the thrill it provides is unparalleled. While playing Super Sic Bo, players can place the following 8 bet types:

  • Double – Select any number from 11 – 16. You win if any 2 out of the 3 dice make up the number.
  • High/Low Total – To win this bet, the outcome of the 3 dice has to add up to 11-17. To win a Low Total bet, the outcome should be between 3-11.
  • Odd/Even Total – Place a bet on the total of the 3 dice outcomes being an odd or even number.
  • Single – Bet on any number from 1-6. You win if any one dice shows your predicted number.
  • Pairs – Wager on 2-dice outcomes.
  • Triples – Wager on one of the 6 triple number betting areas. You win if the 3 dice show your predicted number.
  • Total – Bet on the total score of the 3 dice being a specific number.

Having aced the basics, Evolution gaming added a few extras to make Super Sic Bo an even more thrilling dice game.

An RNG is used to come up with a multiplier that’ll boost your winnings by between 10x and 1,000x.

The fact that multipliers appear a few seconds before the game outcome is revealed adds an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Super Sic Bo Bonus

Super Sic Bo features & betting options

Evolution Gaming streams Super Sic Bo from a red and gold Oriental-looking studio, which adds a lot of authenticity to the gaming experience.

Almost the entire screen is filled with the video stream, so players have an unhindered view of the live dealer, the table, and the dice at all times.

Although Super Sic Bo doesn’t have a lot of cameras, players can shift between limited view angles. The game also comes without a backing track, so you’ll be playing to the sound of tumbling dice.

The live dealers are always pleasantly dressed and speak to players throughout the game. You can use the live chat feature to interact with the host if you need some help.

Evolution Gaming’s Super Sic Bo translates well between desktop and mobile devices, with smooth gameplay and crisp graphics available on both interfaces.

In terms of the gaming interface, Evolution Gaming added a virtual betting table on the bottom of the screen.

A banner displays the remaining betting time, and players can access the previous 12 rounds’ results.

The biggest attraction to Super Sic Bo, however, are the random multipliers that are added to certain bets.

It’s vital to keep in mind that if you play the less risky High/Low or Even/Odd bets, you won’t benefit from the multipliers at all.

The potential payouts for Super Sic Bo, therefore, look something like this:

  • High/Low Bet – 1:1
  • Odd/Even Bet – 1:1
  • Total 4 or 17 – 50:1 to 499:1
  • Total 5 or 16 – 20:1 to 249:1
  • Total 6 or 15 – 15:1 to 87:1
  • Total 8 or 13 – 8:1 to 24:1
  • Total 7 or 14 – 12:1 to 29:1
  • Total 9 or 12 – 6:1 to 49:1.
  • Total 10 or 11 – 6:1 to 24:1
  • Single – Single pays 1:1 — Double pays 2:1 to 19:1 — Triple pays 3:1 to 87:1
  • Specific Triple – Triple pays 150:1 to 999:1.
  • Any Triple – 30:1 to 87:1
  • Pairs – 5:1 to 24:1
  • Double – 8:1 to 87:1
Super Sic Bo Online

Super Sic Bo RTP, volatility, minimum stake & maximum stake

The minimum bet for Super Sic Bo is set at a very manageable $0.20. Players with fat wallets can ramp up their stakes to a whopping $10,000 per round.

The theoretical RTP for Super Sic Bo is 97.22%. With some bets, the RTP can, however, go as low as 95%.

This RTP range makes Super Sic Bo relatively similar to Live Roulette’s 97.3%, and much worse than Live Blackjack’s 99.5%.

If you’re looking for a live dealer casino game with the highest average return, then Super Sic Bo might not be the best game for you.

For players who’re all about placing some unique, fun, and potentially lucrative bets, Evolution’s Super Sic Bo is well worth a try.

Super Sic Bo hints and tips

The addition of bonus multipliers makes Super Sic Bo a lot more fun than the traditional game variant.

This is very much a game of luck, so it’s best to roll with the flow and make the best of your lucky breaks.

The even-money bets are the safest, with Even bets usually offering close to 50% winning chances. These are, however, not the most exciting bets.

The Triple and Totals bets all add loads of excitement to the game. These bets offer the opportunity to land lucrative multipliers, which is what makes Super Sic Bo an exciting game in the first place.

In our experience, the Specific Triple bet seems to provide the best chances of striking a multiplier. Other players have had great results with the Numbers Only approach.

With this strategy, you choose a lucky number and place every Triple, Single, Double, and Total bet that features the number.

Final Thoughts

Players who’re looking for a super-enticing luck-based game should look no further than Super Sic Bo.

This Evolution Gaming live dealer title is based on classic Sic Bo rules and gameplay but has a few exciting extras.

The good news for cautious players is that safe-bet payouts for Odd/Even and High/Low wagers are still the same.

As such, you can stick to a low-risk strategy if you wish. Some players aren’t happy that regular payouts have been reduced to make way for random multipliers.

However, these multipliers can offer as much as 1,000x your payout, making Super Sic Bo a whole lot more exciting than other variants of the dice game.

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