Hotline 2
Slot Type Video Slot
Software NetEnt
Genre Other
Features Free spins
Release Date 24/08/2020
Volatility Medium
RTP 96.05%
Winlines 1944
Min Bet $0.30
Max Bet $150
Hotline 2
Slot Type Video Slot
Software NetEnt
Genre Other
Features Free spins
Release Date 24/08/2020
Volatility Medium
RTP 96.05%
Winlines 1944
Min Bet $0.30
Max Bet $150

Hotline 2 Review

NetEnt’s first Hotline game offered a unique blend of style and substance compared to the rest of the competition, but does it warrant a sequel?

There’s only one way to find out – and we have the details.

  • The unique ambiance and style of the game are enough to get you hooked
  • The smooth gameplay is satisfying and high-quality
  • The enhanced Free Spins feature adds enough attractiveness to solidify the game’s presence

Riding off its predecessor’s success, the 3-row, 5-reel video slot set up offers enough of a creative punch to attract all sorts of online casino players.

Themes, Graphics, and Sounds

Hotline 2 loves the style it’s pursuing. Riding off the stylistic wave made famous by Miami Vice, the game nicely captures the story’s tone.

You follow a jewellery store heist and the two detectives assigned to solve the case – and catch the culprit.

The graphics are of high quality and visually appealing. The developers do a great job at nailing the first game’s feel while adding a more modernized twist.

The neon lights, cars, and scenery combine to offer a sexy package that can attract anyone.

The excellent little graphical cut-scenes placed in strategic moments do a great job at propelling the story forward while also raising the bets’ stakes.

The sounds implemented in this game are also excellent. Nothing over-the-top, it nails the feeling of cop-shows now made famous in the minds of many.

The music offers an immersive experience rarely found in other online slots.

Hotline 2 Free Spins

In-Game Features

When it comes to features, the game offers enough room to introduce new players to its ways and depth to attract the stone-cold veterans of its trade.

Expanding Wild

Wild symbols, critical to the game, are most important when they land on hotlines.

If a wild symbol lands on a hotline, you get a reel entirely made of wild symbols.

This feature allows the possibility of getting three wild reels per spin.

Bonus Rounds

Eye-catching and unique, they propel the story forwards while providing exciting graphical moments that combine compelling gameplay with an exciting storyline.


A staple for NetEnt’s games, their patented free spins feature is utilized with beautiful effect.

The sequel brings back an exciting redesign used in the first version that melds well with the new package.

A player can unlock this feature during a base game by achieving three scatters.

Simultaneously, if the player gets a wild on a Hotline, they get an extra symbol at the reel. The three Hotline reels can achieve an additional six rows in height.

Such an advantage increases their chance of winning even higher gains by providing a whopping 1,994 bet ways.

In a classic nod to the Miami atmosphere, the player has to look out for the pink flamingos scattered across the reels.

Three of them occupying space on the main three Hotlines rewards the player with seven free spins.

Where To Play Hotline 2?

Up to 1000$
Free Spins
Up to $400
150 Free Spins
Up to 200$
+ Free Spins

RTP, Bet Sizes, and Volatility

One of the game’s main changes concerns the higher RTP when compared to the first, resting at 96.05%, a hardly noticeable increase of 0.01% increase.

Activating Hotlines can tilt the base game RTP, such as 94.51% or 95.35% for 1 or 2 Hotlines.

Bets start from $0.30 to $150 with a supposed highest chance of winning over 5.000x the amount placed.

Like the game’s previous iteration, the volatility rests at a medium, so the possibility of such wins happening can be slim but worth the effort.

Hotline 2 Bonus

Final Verdict

By nailing the relaxed vibe and banking on its well-established and recognized features, Hotline 2 succeeds in providing a product that appeals to new players and returning ones.

One might hope to see higher volatility rates in future versions of the franchise, which can really up the ante and deliver an even more thrilling experience.

But despite this, a developer can still hope to create an incredible product.

By combining exciting gameplay coupled with a great storyline, game developers are undeniably capable of creating something truly memorable.

That’s exactly the type of casino game that NetEnt has created with Hotline 2.

Our rating for this game is 4 out of 5 stars.

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